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Stage name advice for novels and books?

I'm writing a novel and am considering publishing. I have considered self publishing as well but my only question is that if I choose to go by a stage name on the book then will I still be paid for my book or will a stage name open me up to scams and allow companies to not credit me or pay me less, or nothing, because my REAL name isn't on the book?

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    Many authors have written by pen names (or stage names as you may call them). I myself write under the name Venetia Robinson (my middle two names), but I still receive all the royalties from my books. To avoid being scammed by dishonest companies, try to go for a well-known publisher such as Routledge. They will still pay you and they will credit you. Don't worry. Just make sure that you do go for a publisher that's quite well known.

    Many modern-day authors go by pen names who are very successful such as Rick Riordan, whose full name is Richard Russell Riordan, Jr., or L.A. Weatherly, who is also known as Lee Weatherly or Titania Woods, and Titania Woods is very different from L.A. Weatherly. She still gets full credit for her amazing books and full royalties. So don't worry. A pen name will not change this!

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    Nope. No fears on that score. You will still be paid for your book.

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