What to Pack for Vacation?

Hey guys! So my family decided to take a nice vacation to New Jersey and New York from where we live. They allowed me to bring my best friend, Gilly on the trip. If it helps, it takes roughly 17 hours from where we live to New Jersey. Also if it helps, we are staying from the 1st to 11th at a beach house by the ocean. And will be staying at a hotel there and back. We are both also girls age 14-15 So I REALLY need help! What do I pack? Please include car games and things to do and bring in car as well as things to do In New Jersey and what to pack for the weather! Lots of points to winner! Thanks so much and enjoy your summer!

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    Hi Sophia!

    This sounds like so much fun, my family did something similar a few years ago (but no friend, your lucky!). Driving for 17 hours can be miserable, so yes, you need a lot to do! But first off, let me start with packing your bag.

    -Three swimsuits: sounds like you will be swimming a lot, don't want to be cold in a wet one

    -Four t-shirts: good for lounging, for slipping over swimsuits, etc.

    -Two hoodies: the beaches in NY and NJ are colder, so also for over swimsuits & just for cozy nights

    -Two sleeveless tops: for nicer days and if you get cold just put on a hoodie

    -Three pairs of shorts: luckily, shorts can be re-worn. This is an essential for the beach!

    -One pair of jeans: for colder days/nights

    -One long sleeve shirt: another alternative for cold days

    -Underwear galore (pack enough for every day!)

    -One nice blouse: for nice dinners at restaurants

    -One nice skirt: again for nice dinners

    -Shoes: one pair of each of the following - flip flops, tennis shoes, dress shoes

    -Socks for the tennis shoes

    -Any necessary jewelry (or none is easiest!)

    -Makeup, etc. Make sure to pack sunblock, chap stick & makeup remover

    Now that we've got the boring stuff handled...Entertainment!

    -DVD player: if you have a portable one you can watch movies

    -iPod/phone: listening to music & playing games pass the time!

    -Card games/board games: in the car you can play with your friend

    -Books/magazines to read

    -Sketchbook: drawing and playing games with a friend is fun

    -Camera: film yourselves and make silly videos, later you can make a video of your journey

    -Paper & markers: draw silly things, or make a fashion magazine/gossip magazine with your friend

    -Makeup: give each other ridiculous makeup looks and challenge each other (e.g. who can make a worse makeup look, you or Gilly).

    Favorite games to play in the car-


    -Go Fish


    What to do in NJ...

    -Six Flags

    -Ellis Island

    -Adventure Aquarium

    -Jersey Shore

    -Liberty Science Center

    -Carlo's Bake Shop (from Cake Boss! In Hoboken)

    As for packing, I think I've got you covered. Be prepared for cool days/nights as well as warmer ones around the city!

    Have a fabulous time! :)

    ~Miss. Ivy

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