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Thomas asked in Arts & HumanitiesPoetry · 7 years ago

Will you read this drama and tragedy, called "The Girl" and ponder the final questions?

This is Part One of Three installments, all to be released today or at the latest by tomorrow. The questions I mention will be in the 'Epilogue' after Part 3. All comments and C.C. are welcome. Thank you, Thomas


The Girl

Part 1 of 3

Foundational Volition

This journal concerns The Girl, a young lady named Bridget, not her real name

My favorite female sobriquet, to protect her identity, you will soon understand

Please indulge me to set up this story for you will always remember this Bridget

All the Bridgets out there; this forever changed my view of living life in peace

I ask your patience. Don’t just read, ingest this to your heart, mind, body and soul

Ask yourself if we can change, or is there no longer any hope of renewing the mind?

Has the world changed us, understandably so, but consider what is right, read on?

If the power to change ones heart has no interest to you, please stop here, np:

Granddad was a nice old man; he died on Abe Lincoln’s birthday

He picked up a hitchhiker 15 minutes after kissing me good-bye

For his kindness, he received a bullet in the back of his head

They never caught who murdered him, and I’ll never forget Granddad

Punctual equilibrium sprung me ahead a few years to the state of Florida

With family, jaunting to a family setting; crashing steel, up flies a motorcycle

Right in front of our vehicle, my eyes, they see a car hit this Hell’s Angel guy

Hell-man goes flying like a missile, perhaps 100 feet like Evil Knievel used to show

Dad summons the six of us boys to stay in vehicle; out he goes to the victim

A surgeon was my Father; he stayed with the man until the ambulance arrived

So young at the time, will never forget hearing Mother say to Dad, “you saved him”

An act of kindness, one compelled to help another, still imbibed my mind

Some 10 years later I’m coming home from college, 1000 mile drive

My jalopy, a 1968 Impala all the frat guys laughed at, I did not care

Sunday, 50 miles from Chicago, my car ignites a mental breakdown

No cell phones baby, time to hitch-hike and hope for the best

The evening, late, not a busy highway at the time, comes a big white Cadillac

Inside is one massive, long black dude with sunglasses, he opens passenger door

He is still looking straight on, says nothing to me, my first thought was my life

Second thought was Granddad; I asked the stranger for a lift as far as Chi-town

Can’t mitigate the circumlocution, but the bottom line; I wing myself inside car

He never said one word; dropped me off at an exit a couple miles from home

An act of kindness from a man I judged by the cover of his book; now my ken

Right that moment I told myself I will always help others; help others always

Lastly, before I impart the indelible manifestations of this sweet girl Bridget,

I take you to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico; a day cruise off the coast on a nearby island

A ditionary of sorts, within the beach, broke through, rapids force into Pacific Ocean

Out of the tributary spurts a boat with a man and a woman flailing away to their death

What happened then was a sight never seen by my eyes……or anyone else



Correction: I am sorry. I usually let misspelled words go, but somehow one got beyond Yahoo's spell check that was in the main question, so I deleted the original release of this poem. Am sorry because there was one answer, and I saved it for here:

Nagu's answer: I Broke the Lamp

Thank you Nagu for your answer to my poem. You are more than welcome to post and answer again, and hope you understand why I deleted the first one. :) Thomas

Update 2:

Thanks for the stars, and the answers so far. Some may know, I write fiction based on fact. The balance of fiction vs what really happened over varies, and I pretty much keep that to myself unless someone asks. In this piece everything is true with one exception. Sometimes I will reveal them if I feel it is necessary. Here it is minimal so far. I may divulge in the end, but what does it matter?..... all I try to do is capture ones imagination, and to often understand the poems message.

The person that shot and murdered Granddad was never found. Thanks for the question. Thomas


Update 3:

Jupiter Joanne: Thanks for answering JJ. Yes, this was posted before, but only part one as a first draft. This was edited and hopefully improved. I am putting out an "Epilogue" on the morrow. I know it's a lot, four segments, and hope it held some folks interest and meant something as it has me. Thomas


Update 4:

Thank you all for your answers. I only have a few minutes left before it goes to vote. I think I know who to give BA to, but one other may have deleted their answer....bummer. This poem means a lot, so I appreciate the good answers, and those who starred the poem too. Thomas


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  • 7 years ago
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    Some miracles are right before our eyes everyday.

    Most pass them by as coincidences.

    It's no coincidence I'm here to answer this.

    Good story.Carry on my Heaven bound sire.


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  • 7 years ago

    I'm hoping for a twist-ending. Maybe Bridget murdered your grandpa on her way out of town. Was it a small caliber round? Was his car stolen? Did it turn up in Hollywood?

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Did you know a girl name Bridget who did you wrong? Karma comes to mind if one believes in it.

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  • 7 years ago

    To get to the heart of the matter

    I go as mad as a hatter.

    To disclose matters of the heart

    I must master the hatter's art.

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  • 7 years ago

    You've posted this story before, and I'm once again eager to see what happens next.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    I believe the heart can change, if one wishes. My fear is that so many seem to enjoy a hateful and self-centered heart, especially these past few years. I blame technology but that's a long conversation. Speaking of long conversations, this piece would involve several days of interesting conversation over coffee.

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  • 7 years ago

    From Bridget to your granddad's murder to a black guy long and cool to Puerta Vallarta to I overlooking something here?

    WHO killed your granddad?

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  • 7 years ago

    Sorry,very busy of late,YOIKS! Company coming! Too long to peruse,and I failed my Evelyn Woods Course!!

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  • 7 years ago

    please give some time

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