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A close friend has suddenly has started ignoring me?

He was one of my best friends and like a mentor to me, always looked out for me and was always the one who helped me feel better. Lately he's been down and depressed and suddenly stopped responding to calls and text messages. He said he would hang out with me this past week and never showed up. Did I do something wrong? Should I give him space? What should I do? It really hurts, we were really close, we used to talk almost every day and he was very protective of me.

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    It is very possible that he needs you (a close friend) but is afraid to ask. By contacting him or confronting him about his mood of late, the worst you could do is face further despondence or have him/her tell you that he/she wants nothing more to do with you.

    I have been in both positions, as one who has suddenly become distant and one whose friend has suddenly started ignoring me.

    1. In cases where I was the one who withdrew, I was secretly seeking help and attention from my loved ones. At least a shoulder to cry on or someone to listen to my problems. In these cases, my CLOSE friends have always showed up and offered the support I needed.

    2. In cases where my friend appeared distant, almost always (90+%) they were grateful for my attempts to ask what was bothering them. In some cases they purposefully separated themselves so that only faithful friends would are approach them and find them to help them in any way. In at least one case a friend was contemplating suicide, which makes the fact that I was able to intervene and provide encouragement all the more significant.

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