Intel vs AMD processors?

I keep hearing that Intel processors are better than AMD processors. For the purposes of selecting a new PC in the future, I'm wondering to what extent this is true. I've seen some attractive-looking cheap systems on Newegg, but most of them seem to be AMD systems, so I want to know what exactly I would lose by getting one of those instead of an Intel system.

Please don't say 'there's no way to measure it, it totally depends on the application'. I do realize that it depends to some extent on the application, but I just want to see whatever hard numbers people have so that I can decide how they apply to the sorts of things I do. It's just that so far I haven't had much luck finding hard numbers on Google (I just keep finding forum posts by Intel fanboys, AMD fanboys, or other random smartaѕѕes :P).


There are lots of good answers here, so due to my relative ignorance on the subject, I'll leave them to the experts to vote on. Thanks, everyone! :)

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    Yes,intel processors are better than AMD processors in terms of CPU performance,but not integrated graphics.

    Of course,you cannot compare a Celeron with a Opteron,so just compare similar priced processors.

    AMD also is also less energy efficient than intel so the total cost of ownerships in the end might be the same or higher.

    If you want a cheap desktop that saves power and you just browse the web etc,i suggest you build a computer with a Celeron 847 Gigabyte mITX motherboard,2 GB DDR3 RAM,and a 120GB/60GB SSD.

    The best will be if you use a 24+4pin laptop like power supply as it is more energy efficient than a standard power supply.

    If you need horsepower however,i suggest you get 2 Xeon E5-2620 6 Core and a Asus Z9PED16 motherboard.Oh and 32GB of both ECC and Registered RAM.A 750 W power supply is enough.

    If you need even more get 2 Xeon E5-2650 8 Cores.

  • 6 years ago

    Most people look at the gigahertz or operating frequency and number of core but that is irrelevant if the processor has bad architecture (layout). So a 1.8 ghz can be faster than 3.2. Intel cores are faster because they have better architecture. Intel also has a technology called hyperthreading and it makes the computer think there are twice as many cores. This is extremely efficient because instead of an AMD which would have to completely finish a process or stop it mid way through and not complete it then start a new process, intel cores cam start the new process at dormant parts of the first one. There is a reason intel is more expensive. You will get batter preformance out of all intel cores.

  • asa
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    6 years ago

    Its quite simple really.

    Price to performance wise, AMD is always cheaper and better. Ex: A 100$ AMD vs a 100$ Intel, AMD always wins over Intel.

    In terms of pure performance, Intel wins. If you want pure performance and not bothered about price, Intel's the way. The top AMD processor is always leaps and bounds behind top Intel Processor though again the price difference between the two is huge ( 500$ or more).

    Realistically, it wont make a difference ofcourse. Instead of going for a 300$ intel CPU ,you can go for a similar 200$ AMD CPU and you wont miss out anything. Also AMD offers some pretty good CPUs in the lower price range which is unbeatable in terms of features. Where Intel shines is at the top end price range.

    Also the speeds of the two cant be compared as they are different architecture. A 1.8GHz AMD maybe faster than a 2.5 GHZ intel.

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  • 6 years ago

    Okay, there's a lot of stir on everything. Let's be simple.

    If you want a PC for raw power, AMD and Intel can do that.

    If you're looking for a PC for gaming, AMD and Intel work.

    If you're looking for rendering videos, Intel processors can be stronger than AMD. But they do come with a price.

    If you're looking for a business or a more web browsing/moderate gaming AMD has the cheaper deal.

    Intel's integrated graphics is on the rise, while AMD can save you money if you bundle a CPU with a GPU.


    Both brands are great, I can't lie. If it comes down to it, go wherever your heart leads you to.

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  • 6 years ago

    Yes, Intel's are better, that's why AMD's are cheaper. But they will work great in a desktop. Just remember, you get what you pay for...and if you resell it a few years from now, don't be disappointed when you get "AMD" prices for your used computer, instead of Intel prices. For laptops though, I would ONLY buy Intel...AMD's don't have as long of a lifespan, and run hotter (which is not good for a laptop) ...this has been my experience over a period of 25+ years...I'm sure someone will come up with some sort of technological goblty **** to over-ride my opinion though.

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  • So you want hard numbers?

    Here ya go. These ratings are all based on benchmarking.

    This is the high end CPU results

    This is the mid-range CPU results

    To break it down into simple language, Intel have the edge over AMD in terms of raw power.

    AMD have the edge over Intel when it comes to price/performance ratio.

    There's nothing wrong with AMD processors. Just because they are cheaper doesn't mean they are inferior or of lesser quality.

  • 6 years ago

    Very good question. AMD usually makes high power multicore processors while intel makes slightly less powerful but very efficient processors. Personally I would go for AMD simply because you can get something like AMD eight core 3.2+ for the same as an intel with two or four cores. I hope I helped :D. Goodluck.

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    For Gaming an Intel processor along with a good graphics card is what you would want but AMD can be just as good in gaming .

    But you dont specify what either processor will be used for .

  • 6 years ago

    amd is quite a bit cheaper than intel. if you match an amd cpu to an intel cpu of about the same range the amd will be cheaper and function about the same

  • 6 years ago

    it doesnt really matter what you get amd or intel ethier way its a prossesor all that matters is its speed

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