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Question about Leslie Van Houten parole?

Not sure how many reading this would know of the name Leslie Van Houten, but she was one of the former Manson family members who was arrested in 1969 and charged with the murders of Rosemary and Leno Labianca.

I was just wondering if someone could tell me why they think this many years later she hasn't been granted parole? She was 19 years old when the crime occurred (and wasn't present the first night when the over five people were killed), however she was present the 2nd night in the murder of Rosemary and Leno Labianca. I don't believe that by her own hand she killed anyone. She assisted, yes, and was an accessory, and was likely brainwashed and not in her right mind.

Since late 1969 she has had a perfect prison record, earned multiple degrees, counsels other prisoners with AA/NA, and every psychiatrist that deals with gives her excellent psychiatric evaluations and keep in mind she has been imprisioned going on 44 years. Yes, I know there are many on here that say there should never be second chances for those who are involved in a horrendous crime, but 44 years is a long time, longer than most first degree murderers, and she was 19 years old. And no one at 19 is the same as they are in their early 60s. Also, In the mid 70s she was given another trial and received a hung jury and was out on bail for like 6 months and continued to come to court and didn't flee. If there was a tendency to return to old behaviors, it would have happened in the 70s, but she didn't flee and obeyed the rules way back then.

I guess it just blows my mind with all the positives, the fact that she was only 19, and wasn't the actual murderer, that she is still locked up 44 years later, and at her parole hearing a couple weeks ago was given another 5 year denial, so that means next time she comes up for parole she will have been imprisoned 49 years. Does anyone else think this is a little extreme?

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    It is extreme, but then so was the shock that the Manson murders caused. For Manson girl and co-conspirator Patricia Krenwinkle's latest parole hearing, the parole board received over 80 letters urging that she be denied parole. It wouldn't be surprising if the same thing happened to Van Houten.

    I suppose at this point, you could say that it's more of a political decision than anything else.

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