Google Play Music and data?

For all android users:

This may be a dumb question. But I've always used the music player to listen to music I've downloaded. Well I recently downloaded an album and it opened in the google play music app. My question is "will this app use data to listen to the music that I already purchased?"

I just want to make sure...

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  • 7 years ago
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    If you purchase an album on Google Play Music, it will save on your device if you do the following :

    Menu button > Settings > 'Cache during playback', 'Automatically cache'. If you're afraid it's using your data, select 'Download via Wi-Fi only' and 'Stram via Wi-Fi only'.

    Disable your Wi-Fi and Mobile Network, and try to play a song from your album. If it plays, it's saved on your device.

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  • 7 years ago

    ** if this helps please >>Best Answer<< me **

    yes it will even tho you purchased the album it still accesses data to retrieve the song from cloud storage(google play servers)

    to be played on your device, this is extremely aggravating for me (its like paying twice)

    so I grant you the ability to never pay for a single album again

    > download utorrents from the play store

    >hit the search button when the app is downloaded, then type the album name and artist no punctuation

    >it will open google and search it, select any link that says the album your looking for (some may say something like: www.pirate***.com) its not a virus and often will let you see the contents before downloading it(contents being tracklist .mp3)

    >open the link and hit the tiny magnet icon you see inside the webpage

    >utorrents will pop back up and ask you if you want to save this weird looking code url, you hit save and the album downloads for free

    >best part is its stored on your device not a cloud so when you listen to it, no Data is used. :)

    Source(s): programmer app developer, worked at a few cell carriers
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