Why do people have before marriage sex?

I'm not sure if this it the right category forgive me if it is.Anyway I'm not judging people's beliefs but just curious why did you have before marriage sex?

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    7 years ago
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    Their are plenty of reasons why people have premarital sex, but every reason are the cause people have sex before marriage in the first place. But these reasons is why I do not agree with premarital sex. Not because of religion, because I do not believe in religion at all. I believe what the Bible has to say, and what God approves and that's it:

    1) Many centuries ago and still exist today, is that people always want something "forbidden", even if it'll land them in jail or killed. Something forbidden is something we lust after. Which is another problem. What the sex, music and entertainment industries promote is that: the more you lust it will lead to love and satisfaction besides giving you everything you want. This is however completely false. We see that lust clouds the mind to knowing the truth behind it's lore's, and makes us it's victims besides robbing us of our true potential: to actually love someone without having sex. How many people can do this without having temptation or expecting sex in every relationship you be in?

    2) A lot of times we are told that sex is amazing and just a lot of fun. That can be true for most people, however it isn't for everybody. And those who hears this from another non-virgin either laughs, thinks their crazy for denying sex or just believes they have issues and need a total attitude adjustment. Or simply they can/just can't understand your reasons. But to be seduced, pressured,asked, feeling obligated or tempted to have sex is usually the main cause of having sex before marriage.

    3) "Because everybody else is doing it" but "I feel/know I'm ready for sex" or "I can do whatever I want , it's my body" things like "Your young, you should be having sex by now" besides "You should have a healthy attitude towards sex" other then "Everybody thinks I should go have a stripper/One night stand/prostitute to take my virginity" and "I feel like I'm missing/left out" as the main reasons for making these decisions. The point is; regardless if this is the 21st century and nobody [supposedly] isn't doing the "old ways" anymore: is that society in generally is screwed up since the 1960's [I call it the "age of rebellion"]. With their speech about "Free sex, drugs and rock n' roll!" But where did that mostly lead them? I'm not saying all, but for the ones who literally did it or believed in that concept? Brought on more STDS then we can actually count, other then the 1940's [the time of the baby boomers]. All these things that I'm pointing out cause us to have a poor and negative view on love, marriage and sex.

    These are usually the three main reasons why people have sex outside of marriage other then to find a suitable marriage partner: which in the end are not always suitable in the first place. And studies have shown that premarital sex, cohabitation (shaking-up or living together) ends in divorce compared to those who waited:


    So I rather do the correct thing and wait, so I wouldn't haven't much drama, the consequences, complaints, and stress. Because once you have premarital sex, you will be forced to deal with the consequences.

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    I have had premarital sex because a) it's fun and I wanted to try it b) because I feel an important part of a relationship is sexual compatibility. If you end up being married to someone you have no sexual chemistry with, there are probably going to be some issues. I've had relationships where the sex was amazing, and others where it was terrible. The lack of sexual chemistry made me realize I could never spend my life with that person because there was no way I'd be able to keep that up for the rest of my life. A terrible sex life could lead to things such as unhappiness or infidelity.

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    Because I'm not religious, so I had no reason not to. Also, I think it would be really dumb to wait until marriage, because then I might be married to someone who is awful in bed and I would be stuck with a bad sex life. Sex is an important part of being in a relationship. It's important to me that I have sex with the women I date and that is how I get to know them emotionally and physically. Religion is really backwards thinking from the stone age if you ask me.

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    Well some people do it for religious reasons. I used to do it because it was more "naughty" I guess you could say than being married. So maybe that's why. Some people do it because they love the person they're with and sex is special when it's with someone you love and marriage is a lot of work if you're just wanting to get married to have sex. I guess it just depends on the person. :) answer mine? :)

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    Because in the 21st century, views have changed. That was a value practiced by most women until the late 20th century. Some women(and men) still do, but that value was created so fathers could keep their daughters as property.

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    Because you can have sex without loving the person, or even marrying them.

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    Waiting was VERY hard and I was in love. Besides, it's extremely enjoyable.

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    7 years ago

    Because it's a natural human behavior and there's no reason why you should abstain from it.

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    Because sex. Same reason people masturbate, because humans love sexual pleasure.

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    Because it feels wonderful.

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