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What's the meaning of below sentence?

"Service-oriented and cloud computing combined will indeed begin to challenge the way in which we think about enterprise computing."

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    This is how I read it---

    Computing will challenge the way we thing about computing.

    The first computing has two adjectives: service-oriented computing / cloud computing. These two are combined into one system.

    The second computing has one adjective: enterprise computing, probably meaning business computing, or computer systems used in businesses.

    IT developers will need to rethink how they set up business computer systems to incorporate the cloud computer system, making sure that it is service-oriented. I'm not quite sure what would be meant by "service-oriented"; you probably know better.

    If you are writing this sentence, I would recommend you rework it so that it is clear. If this is a sentence provided by an IT company, they have given themselves pretty bad advertising by not being clear. If this is a quote by someone describing the future of IT, they successfully made themselves sound confused rather than smart. It sounds like someone trying to fit as many buzz words into a single sentence as possible.

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