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What style of music is frank Sinatra?

Just started listening to his music, that mans a musical genius! Anyway what's his genre

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    Sinatra started out as a big band singer with Tommy Dorsey, specializing in sentimental songs (big bands typically had a "hot chick" doing the swing numbers, and a "crooner"). Partly due to a ban on instrumental recordings in the early 1940's ( ), he was marketed under his own name instead of that of a band, but he continued to make the same kind of music. I don't know a name for it – "pop music" is a term that came op after and originally meant music after the success of purely defined rock'n'roll dwindled. But there is a name for the kind of repertory he sang: .

    A disparaging term for singers like Sinatra at the time was "crooner". Today he would probably be included under "adult contemporary".

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    Big Band/Vocal

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