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What's te best Tampon for swimming?

So I'm goin on vacation and sadly ill be on my period... And A LOT of time in the water.

I was wondering the best tampon for swimming so that I don't leak

And good tips to make sure i don't leak

Also! I'm going paddle boarding from our condo to town. What should I put my extra tampon in so if I fall in it won't get wasted by the water

One more thing' ! Does the water absorb into the tampon when I'm swimming? And that causes leakage??

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    Platex Sport tampons are designed for excising. Keep the extra on in a waterproof small bag with a strap where you can also put your phone and other useful things.

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    8 years ago

    Find a tampon made just for when you're playing sports, I'm not positive of brand names. Also, even if your tampon does fall out, which it won't if put in correctly, you can't bleed in water so as long as that area is wet you won't be leaking.

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