Does hook color really matter?

Is it true that red hooks attract more fish?


what hook size for bass?

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  • Bruce
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    7 years ago
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    Quite honestly I'm one of those people that thinks just about anything could set the fish on or off.

    While I don't think that colors are a necessity to catching fish, I do think that switching to a colored hook ( Black. copper or red) Might trigger them in very specific ways. Perhaps the normal silver were too flashy that day and the copper color blends more and works for clear conditions. Maybe a red hook can indicate blood which indicates injury and easy target/

    In any case, it's simply my opinion .I don't think they make lures better or worse, but I believe that anything can change a fish's attitude. And perhaps... Changing a hook color changes your own attitude, perhaps boosts confidence in what your fishing. In which case, you can only do better with a confident attitude.

    "Fishin influenced games... Games influenced me"

    EDIT: Size and type vary by the kind of rig you are using, and by the size of lure for soft plastics. As for hard baits basically the same

    It depends on the size of the lure. Just for Texas rigging I use 6 different sizes depending on the bait size. I guess without the specific lure size, all I can say is personally the size of the hook should be about 1/3-1/2 the size of the lure. Unless drop shotting which is an entirely different size method. You do not want to restrict the movement of the lure with it being too large, nor too small and reduce hooking ratio.

    Source(s): V-Game Bass Angler
  • 6 years ago

    I don't think a hook color will attract more fish, but rather it could avoid scaring off a fish. If a hook is too visible, either by color or size or how it's sticking out of a bait, it can definitely prevent a fish from biting. I've never noticed a difference due to hook color, but I believe it could happen, since I have noticed color can make a difference with artificials.

    I think that "red looks like blood" is a bunch of nonsense -- in the water, blood doesn't stick to things like a dried streak, it dissolves off into the water. To me, a red hook is a gimmick.

    As for hook size, I always match it to the size of the bait, rather than the fish. I've caught 2 pound (saltwater) bass on 5/0 hooks with a 9 inch mackerel for bait, and 60 pound tuna on size 2 with a 2 inch anchovy for bait. With artificials, I use the hook that came with the lure, as it's (presumably) optimized for that specific lure.

  • 7 years ago

    I don't think on most days it matters, but there are specific situations and conditions where the fish are finicky and they might want a certain color of soft plastic your throwing only with a red hook, not with a gray. I couldn't tell you what that situation would be, because I haven't encountered it, but I am sure it exists.

    As for what size hook, I use anywhere from a size 1 drop shot hook up to size 4/0 worm hooks and EWG hooks. It depends on the bait.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Hook color can only be seen by some species of of fish in the clearest of water, and not at all in a lot of species. I generally don't care as long as it is natural color. Red being natural from blood, but if it the same make and model hook I got cheaper first and then color.

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  • 7 years ago

    It's 50/50. Some people believe they do, some people believe they don't.

    I personally don't believe hook color matters. I've caught fish using lures with shiny nickel-plated hooks, dark black chrome hooks, dark copper-colored hooks and red hooks.

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  • 3 years ago

    i for my section do not think of so yet I even have tried the silver hooks and that i've got tried to purple ones as properly. there have been analyze that have been completed and reported that the fish have an interest in the purple colour greater advantageous than anyother one. if i pass out to get a undeniable seize and there is in basic terms a million determination and this is silver i don't sweat it yet while there's a silver one and a purple one i'm going to get the purple one. the reason that i'll pass forward and get the purple on is that i do have better luck with cranks and buzz baits that have purple in the physique distinctly is it has purple eyes. i for my section do not are conscious of it there's a brilliant distinction in the hooks yet try the purple ones and notice if it does make a distinction. i prefer to think of that there is a distinction. i in simple terms havn't caught a good purchase greater on purple than silver to make a ambitious assertion pointing out that purple "will" seize greater. stable luck and stable fishin

  • Mike S
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    6 years ago

    Just another gimick to get you to buy a higher priced hook....hook color doesn't matter....been fly fishing for 12 years and I catch my fair share and tie my own flies with a regular hook color....

  • 6 years ago

    I dont think hook color matters

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    Here's a great article on this subject by Justin Hoffman from Mid-west Outdoors.

  • 6 years ago

    ive been told that fish cant see red hooks

    Source(s): a friend
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