what should I do about this family member?

I have this aunt who has a son who is currently in college and he is struggling in a few of his classes so he asked his mom to come to me for help.(By the way, anything and everything he wants to ask me is either through his mother or his sister) I don't know how I could help him... I'm not that smart.

Anywho's, turns out a few of the classes that he's taking is online and he asked if I could help him (Riiiiiiiiiight) it wasn't until I went over there to see what he needed help with that I realized he wanted me to do alll of it 0____o (Are you f** kidding me) I was cornered because his mom asked my mom and she was totally fine with it ugghhhhh......and how could I say no...Maybe it was a bad decision.... Anywho I ended up doing it for him.... his sister suggested that I get paid for it... I was thinking that wasn't a bad idea......but I just really wanted to get it all over with.....Anywho I finished it and his mother ended paying me 20 bucks.... Honestly I don't feel like my time and effort that went into this project was worth 20 bucks....I feel really ripped off and used .. Note: His mother has a history of asking for favors. She came to me again the following day and asked if I could do his history class. And gave me another 20 bucks... 0___o Whaaaaaaat!? Do I have a tag on my forehead that says willing to do your homework that....YOUR SON is suppose to be doing himself!!!!!! I don't feel too obligated to help them anymore....but my mom thinks I should help them because they're family ......What should I do? In all honesty I'm irritated by them...and this is not even half of it.

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  • Sue F
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    8 years ago
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    This is actually hurting your cousin more than helping him. You need to stand up to both your mother and your aunt and tell them that you are not going to do your cousins work for him.

    It is actually illegal to do so, your cousin will get caught by not being able to do anything involved with these assignments you are doing for him.

    Give your Aunt the money back and tell her to use it to pay for a tutor for her son.

    Cheating is wrong and your cousin will never get anywhere in life if others do his work for him....how is he going to hold a job if he cannot pass his classes?

    Say no more and be done with it.

  • Don't do it! That boy needs to learn to do it himself and worker harder. If his mother or sister ask you to do more of his work, IGNORE THEM. Who care's if there family! They need to learn how to do things on their own!

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Money is money as long as your getting payed just saying i wouldn't mind tough economy

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