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Is it bad that I'm doing bad with exams in grade 9?

Hey, so... it is exam time and...well it isn't going well. About a month before the exams I got tons of projects, here and there. I got not time to study.

Now had I been more..prepared...I would be fine with exams but my notes are just messy. I have kept all of my sheets since the beginning of the semester but...I haven't organized at all.

So I'm just wondering...I will try to do my best...but my teacher was nice enough to give me a 5%+ on my exam because I went into depth with her in person after the exam because she knew I was out of time...and on that exam I got 60%..soo...yikes.

My question it ok if I screw up on this this once, again I will try my best and hopefully get 70-80% but I might not. I'm not asking for my sake so I can go to do something else but for the sake of my education, will it hurt my future?


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    Im in the ninth grade too and really worry about this all the time. It wont affect you too bad in the long run, but it would be good to work really hard the next few years. Many kids blow off fresh and soph year just to realize junior year that GPA and grades matter and they count your entire high school career and you cant change the past. Dont worry about it too much just try your hardest next year.

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    My mom was a genius in her high school years and she got several scholarships and became a teacher at a really good high school. My dad blew his ninth and tenth grade years and didn't go to high school. He's a fire fighter. What you need to do is find out what you want to do once you're out of school. Then plan your life to match your career. I want to be a biologist,so I'm working on all As. Just find your calling.

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  • 4 years ago

    See,9th std's grades r no longer realy requird for institution admission alternatively that mayb requird for opting for ur circulate in 11th std.. So calm down.. Extra importantly center of attention on future ( mayb class10 )examinations.. U can not exchange wat already happnd. Bt ur fear about this xam can have opposed outcomes on ur nxt examinations. One bad exam doesn't show dat u r a bad pupil. Relaaaax!!! Rather Chillax :P If u fairly thnk dat ur teachrs nd dad and mom may thnk bad of u then exhibit them dat u r ON!! Rock your nxt xams!! *** on you are able to do it.. The entire pleasant!! CHEERS>>>IPS:)

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