What does a Christian Scientist believe?

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  • 7 years ago
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    "Christian Science

    Followers of Christian Science, begun by Mary Baker Eddy (born Mary Morse Baker 1821–1910), also believe the Bible to be fallible. They, too, reject the divinity of Christ (and the Trinity), His resurrection, and the doctrine of salvation. They also deny the existence of evil and teach that there is “no life, truth, intelligence nor substance in matter,”5 among other unbiblical ideas. On evolution, Baker stated: “Theorizing about man’s development from mushrooms to monkeys and from monkeys into men amounts to nothing in the right direction and very much in the wrong”.6 But she believed the book of Genesis should not be read literally, as the material world did not exist, for there “is nothing in Spirit out of which matter could be made”,7 and that the “infinite has no beginning … [for this] word beginning is employed to signify the only,—that is, the eternal verity and unity of God and man, including the universe”.8 Echoing some of today’s theistic evolutionists in evangelical circles, she claimed that Genesis 1–2 was “a revelation instead of a creation”.9 "

    (source: http://creation.com/cults-and-creation ).


    Someone whose faith is Christian, and whose profession is science.

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    The answers you have received on here so far are laughable. No, Christian science is not the same as "Creation Science". Christian Science is not a branch a paleontology, but rather a form of theology. A church "sect" developed by Mary Baker Eddie in 1879. She was supposedly healed after reading certain "faith healing passages" of scripture, and founded a church to focus study on metaphysical healing, and the miracles of Jesus in that light.

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    Christian Scientists believe that they are actually scientists.

    Which is just as ridiculous as the Christian part.

  • 7 years ago

    Any scientific data they can somehow relate to stuff that's written in the Bible. Any other data is thrown out the window.

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