What Does "we wanted to inform you that your application was not reviewed for this opportunity" Mean?

A little background:

I applied for a position with a company. The next day, I received an email from a recruiter saying that he would like to have a phone conversation with me about the position and that I needed to send him times when I am available. I did that, and a few days later didn't have a response from him so I sent another follow-up email. Still no response, and now about a week later, I received this email from a general HR account saying "we wanted to inform you that your application was not reviewed for this opportunity".

From how it reads, it seems like they didn't look at my resume/application at all. But if that's true, why did I get an email from the recruiter?

I know that I won't get the position, I am just curious why I got an email from a recruiter and 1) never got a response back (seems kind of rude and unprofessional) and 2) why they are sending me an email saying they didn't review my application if I got an email back, and indeed, they did look at my application.

Is there any good explanation for this? Should I try emailing the recruiter again to see what happened? Or will I just not get a response again?

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    I don't know for sure, but a lot of companies will have HR people do an initial review of applications and then send the good ones to the actual hiring manager. My best guess would be that the HR people looked at your application and thought you weren't qualified enough to send on. Are you sure that you met all of the criteria for the job (or at least most, and gave a good explanation about any missing ones in your cover letter)? Usually if applications get stopped in HR, it means that they are pretty clearly not qualified.

    As for the recruiter, it's possible that they are an outside recruiter hired by the company, not an employee of the company itself. As such, they may not know the details of what's going on. Maybe they saw your application, contacted you, then found out that you were out of consideration and decided not to bother calling you back (rude, but not unheard of). You can certainly try contacting them one more time but realistically, you may just never hear back.

    Of course, it's also possible that I'm completely wrong about all of this and your application was considered and this particular HR person just isn't very good with words.

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