about nintendo 3ds(marketing)?

1.how did they distribute the products, device and games?

for what i know it is wholesaler to retailer... is it wrong, if it is right it feels not enough.(i dont what is their logistics)

2. what is the value proposition of 3ds...

for what i know it is the softwares like mii, spotpass, streetpass... the 3d effect is kind of fail, is it right?

3.what is the positioning of nintendo 3ds, i dont quite get it? btw the positioning is from STP.

sry i done my research but it feels not enough... thanks for advance

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  • 7 years ago
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    Maybe get more on these from trade press (games magazines etc) a well as the manuf website.

    Positioning is how they target the market and differentiate themselves from the competition (versus microsoft etc)

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