growing sink-hole in backyard?

when my brother moved into his new place the manager told him to go easy on watering the lawn because of the soft soil. recently he decided to buy a small 1000 gallon pool. when hes done he just drains all the water out onto the lawn. well... after awhile we noticed cracks... the crack got bigger every two to three weeks. he kept on filling up the pool and draining it onto the lawn. cracks got bigger and bigger and now he has a scary foot long shin deep hole. he says that hes going to call the manager but i dont think he sees the danger in having a growing hole where his kids play all the time. one of these days a kid could just go missing. i dont know if im overreacting... how serious is this? how do we deal with it? how much trouble will my idiot brother get into when the manager finds out. what could happen if it spreads into the neighbors yard?

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  • 7 years ago
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    Just the mere fact that some 'Manager' told your brother to go 'easy on watering the lawn because of the soft soil' raises and rings HUGE alarm bells!

    What sort of warning is this and what is the meaning behind it???!!!!! The area obviously is on either unstable ground, or has been built on ground that has not been compacted or had anything done to it to make it more stable. Where is it - a former rubbish tip or similar? Methane pockets that will explode? Or just leach out and poison everyone and thing in the area? UNSTABLE GROUND!

    You most definitely ARE NOT OVER RE-ACTING! Do some checking up - find out what the land was used for before it became a Housing Estate. Get onto the EPA. Make written complaints or some sort of written records of your concerns - with or without your brothers aquiescence. You will robably be the only person that will save him and others in the area a lot of grief - at least, be a major contributing factor in getting them a big win in the future Law Suit that I can see coming!

    My acreage 'cracks' in places during the dry season - I live in the tropics. Nature of the soil. Depending on types of soil in my part of the world , it can get 'cracked' - even quite severely - during times of extreme drought. NEVER when wet! If the soil is 'cracking' when wet, there is a very very serious problem!!!!!!!

    Your brother cannot get into any Legal trouble. This is obviously a major problem with the area and a whole lot of people that have allowed whatever type of housing on this unstable soil! Be it a Trailer Park or Housing Development! DOCUMENT EVERYTHING!

    I just am hoping to heck that your brother has not bought a house and is just renting! If a small kiddy pool can cause this type of damage, who knows how long an actual house will remain standing!

    DOCUMENT EVERYTHING - I cannot stress this enough! Get your brother and his family out of there and fight the Manager, Councils/Shires.........whomever. Get your Media involved! This needs to be brought out into the open - before a lot of people end up suffering - or losing lives!

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    4 years ago

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