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The movie what to expect when you're expecting?

Okay this might sound weird or stupid, but in the movie "what to expect when you're expecting", the Anna Kendrick character was like pregnant and then something happened. I don't get what happened to her. I mean she WAS pregnant. Could somebody explain? Why wasn't she pregnant anymore?

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    Her character had a miscarriage. In real life a miscarriage happens when the mother's body can no longer sustain the pregnancy. Most of the time miscarriages happen within the first trimester and are the result of a problem with the developing fetus, meaning there was nothing the mother could do to prevent it. Less often the problem is with the gestational environment, such as the mother's body producing insufficient levels of certain hormones needed to support the pregnancy. Very rarely, a woman miscarries as the result of something she did or was done to her, such as ingesting large amounts of drugs or alcohol, or being physically compromised in some way (being assaulted, having a bad fall, etc).

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