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What insect, bee, or spider bit or stung me?

I got bit or stung by something a few days ago and I had a pretty severe reaction to it and I just want to know what it could be for the future. It was a small bite but instantly painful. My entire hand was swollen within an hour and fingers were numb up until today (two days later). Entire hand turned very very red and blotchy. I live In northwest ohio. So could be some sort of bee or spider. It was only one single hole that I could see. Very itchy now and still sore. Whatever it was, it was hiding in an outdoor storage container holding swimming pool toys. Any ideas to what it could be. I can try to post pictures of the swelling not so much the bite itself as it went away the more my hand swelled.

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    This sounds much like a wasp sting, I doubt you have bad scorpions in in Ohio, but these would be the only thing that may cause your injury. Possibly a very large wolf spider, but you would have caught that in the act of biting.

    If the itch is persistent, you can use a topical analgesic with menthol to relieve the itch, and ice would be best for the swelling.

    If your symptoms don't continue improvement, you should have it examined by a doctor or dermatologist.

    Source(s): Studied venomous arthropod bites and stings.
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    If an animal tries to hold close a wasp or bee, the insect will sting, and the 1st reaction of the physique to such discomfort is a reflex, letting bypass of the source of discomfort. This frees the wasp or bee, allowing it to flee. The discomfort is likewise a deterrent. super animals would be greater careful in destiny, when you consider that encounters with a wasp or bee may bring about discomfort. The venom injected would additionally kill predator bugs or perhaps small animals, fairly if sufficient is released. Spider bites stick to the comparable trend. The bite will set off a reflex, it is probable to loose the spider so it may get away. Human would attempt to swat the bugs or spider, however the discomfort is probable to distract them first, meaning there is an risk of get away. Bees sacrifice themselves to guard the hive. The prolonged discomfort that outcomes from the embedded sting is greater useful to deter an enemy from drawing close, because of the fact the enemy will comprehend the suffering it is going to acquire while drawing close bees.

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