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Fantasy Baseball Advice?

In a Fantasy Baseball League(Head to Head), I am currently #1 with a record of 103-67-28. Last week I completed a trade that sent Giancarlo Stanton and Ian Desmond to the other team, and in return I got Cliff Lee and Desmond Jennings. Who won that trade, just curious?

This is my current Roster:

C - Yadier Molina

1B - Mike Napoli

2B - Ben Zobrist

3B - Evan Longoria

SS - Johnny Peralta

LF - Chris Davis

CF - Desmond Jennings

RF - Matt Carpenter

Util - Matt Joyce

BN - Jason Werth

BN - Anthony Rizzo

BN - Jed Lowrie

SP - James Shields

SP - Jeff Samardzija

SP - Kevin Correia

SP - Matt Garza

SP - Jeremy Hellickson

RP - Sergio Romo

BN - Cliff Lee

BN - Bud Norris

BN - Bobby Parnell

BN - Matt Moore

BN - Jeremy Guthrie

Any moves/trades I should make? I am currently trying to get Gerrit Cole/ Zack Wheeler and Wil Myers. Who could I give up for them?

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    I would say that you won that trade, because you helped your pitching, which you needed to do and you also had a backup plan at SS in Peralta. You could probably put Rizzo in at the utility spot or see who's available in free agency. I can tell that you like the Rays (Longoria, Zobrist, Joyce, Jennings, Hellickson, Moore) I'd try to trade Matt Moore too if I were you.

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    I believe your opponent won that trade, you already have a great starting rotation and Stanton will bring up some big numbers. To get Gerrit Cole or Zach Wheeler I would give up Matt Moore, he has been struggling. Try to trade Rizzo for Myers. That is a good deal that could be accepted.

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