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It's about an artist who has nightmares and draws sketches of them

This is the pilot synopsis

Starts with Ethan as a 6 year old awakening and drawing a picture of a young girl falling off her bike and hurting herself and the scene cuts to a young Savannah off her bike crying and bleeding an exact replica of Ethans drawing. 20 years later, Ethan has a dream about a girl in a church and being attacked through the booth and awakens to draw this. It is shown that he is an artist and constantly draws images of a young girl, he gets a call that his uncle has passed away in the small town of Harley Falls. Ethan arrives in town to collect an inheritance only to find it is a huge mansion, he is introduced by an attorney Bill, sheriff bale. He goes down to a local grill and meets a few townies such as Randy a young local and waitress Savannah. He almost gets in a fight with her ex Kyle but her brother Austin stops them. Ethan then discovers Savannah was recently attacked in the local church by a priest and this makes him wonder a little. That night he has a nightmare of the same girl having a car accident and awakens to draw this and begins to think Savannah is the girl from his dreams and looks through old drawings and rushes to the grill where he is shocked to notice the resemblance. He sticks around and when she leaves he follows her car onto a bridge where she crashes and he rushes to her aid helping her.

Episode ends with them on their knees and the drawing showing the exact same image.

ok so as the show would go on it would be revealed that the girl is satans bride to be and the artist must protect from supernatural creatures

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    It sounds scary 0.o

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