Comcast/Xfinity - has this happened to you?

This is probably more venting than a question, but who out there has had bad customer service from Comcast/Xfinity.

Basically we had Comcast/xfinity for the past 2 horrible years. We had bad reception, the sound kept going out, couldn't get reception at all on two TV's. They came out 4 times in 2 years and never fixed it, said they would send someone to fix it, but no one ever showed in 2 years. So we called to disconnect when our 2yr contract was up. My husband got a confirmation #, etc. I asked him to call and confirm 2 days prior, he did and said everything was good, they had our order to disconnect. We turned our hardware in, got a receipt.

So, today I get a bill for next month's service. I called to ask why they're billing us if we disconnected. According to two people I spoke to, we are not disconnected. WHAT? After double-talking and not really telling me anything, they agreed to disconnect our service back to the date we returned our equipment. Basically the 2nd guy I spoke to said we didn't disconnect through the "Disconnect Dept." If you call Customer Service to disconnect, then they should send you to the appropriate dept. This sounds fishy to me. They screw up, so they say we didn't call the "Disconnect Dept." This is just BAD customer service to me.

I had dealings with Comcast about 10 years ago when I moved. I got a receipt for the hardware I returned then got a bill for the hardware, stated we didn't return it. When I called to clear it up, they wouldn't talk to me because they had sent the bill to collections, I had to contact the Better Business Bureau, it took about 6 weeks to clear up.

Either one hand isn't talking to the other or they do this stuff on purpose - just to get more money out of you. Is it possible they don't do disconnects on purpose or send you to collections hoping you don't have a receipt for hardware you returned?

I will never use Comcast again, never. This company is so large they really don't care.

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  • 8 years ago
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    1: File complaints with your local public utility commission. Your city hall will have information on this. The commission is responsible for granting the contract to Comcast or whoever for cable TV service. If a company gets too many complaints they can lose their contract...not that any of the other cable companies are any better.

    2: The website has a number of resources for getting the attention of Comcast's executives in the case of horrible customer service. Check them out for email addresses, as well as how to write an effective complaint letter/email.

  • 8 years ago

    "This company is so large they really don't care."

    That's exactly their problem. They're SO large that even a small breakdown in communication brings customer service to a standstill.

    I loathe Comcast. The only thing I still get through them is my internet service, because they are, literally, the only provider in my area right now. I do all of my TV over the air and via online services, and my phone is through Ooma. I have no plans to ever go back to Comcast for either, and if another ISP ever starts serving my area, I'll be getting rid of Comcast internet, too.

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