What's the meaning of " utility purchase" in below sentence?

"Accurate demand prediction and provision become critical for the successful of the cloud computing, which reduces the waste of utility purchase and can therefore save money using utility computing"

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    7 years ago
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    "utility purchase" or "utility computing" is simply making an analogy to a power or water service at your house where you pay for what you use. With private or public cloud computing, you only pay for the computing and storage that you actually need. If you need 100 GB of storage today, but not tomorrow, you only pay for it today. That's where the "demand prediction" comes in - companies that can guestimate their usage can be smart with subscribing to a cloud utility. Some cloud computing companies like SoftLayer (www.softlayer.com) and Reviora (www.reviora.com) charge per month, whereas companies like Amazon (www.amazon.com) can get as granular as per hour charges.

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