How did the bear become associated with Russia?

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    8 years ago
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    The bear in Russia symbolized the slowness, laziness, barbarity, and aggression when it first appeared in Europe. It evoked a feeling of European superiority to the non-civilized "neighbor" and also the feeling of fear and the desire to chain it. The bear is the image helping politicians of the West to convince the citizens of Russia's aggression and thus expand the influence of NATO ( North Atlantic Treaty Organization) on the East. For more than 300 years already the bear has invariably been a character of political feuilletons and caricatures. In Russian culture the bear traditionally appears as the image of a good-natured and a somewhat dumb animal, undoubtedly possessing certain charisma. In folklore the Bear is usually named affectionately and respectfully as a man: Mishka, Mihailo Potapych, Toptygin, etc. So it is evident that the Bear is more likely a kind neigbour, or a guard, never a tyrant. Emblems of Russian cities say about the same thing.

    Fun Fact: The Bear was the emblem of the XXII Olympic Games held in Moscow in 1980.

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    Listen people, just for your eduction and if you not using Google, Beer ir Russian animal, comes from russia.Alaska was russia as well in case you don't know, Olympic games was made by designers of russia and Beer was chosen cos Beer is one of the strongest animals and that describes a power of people. Nothing to do with aggressivety or stupidness,Look how many stuped people in america and americans think that they run the world, How enoing it sound for Russians :)

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    The Medo-Persian Empire (Alexander the Great) used the Leopard. ------------- The third kingdom of the statue dream (brass thighs) was Alexander The Great's Grecian empire, and it is routinely compared to the third kingdom of the beast vision, the leopard. ------------- I hope this is helpful.

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    Cold weather & toughness!

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