bleach question about the swords?

i watched bleach a little when it started but it lost me early on * as many current shonen anime do* now im watching it every weekend on toonami and im following it okay or as good as u can for just jumping into it but since i missed alot of episodes i missed the stuff with the swords .when i was watching it initially ichigo had what looks like a over sized katana ..then in alot of videos i see he has a sword that looks like a giant knife and now he has well the sword with the... symbol on it that im sure ment peace or something like that but well you know what it looks like now ...

how /why did ichigo change up the swords and is there any significance to eatch of them????

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    Ichigo's first zanpakuto (sword) is a sword looks like a huge katana as you said. It wasn't the real zanpakuto of Ichigo, because he got it after Rukia stab him. When he fight with Byakuya (If I'm not mistaken), the Zanpakutou of him was broken by him. After trying to get the real zanpakutou of him, Ichigo finally got his real one, that is a sword looks like a giant knife like you said. Then in Soul Society, in order to defeat Byakuya and save Rukia from the execution, Ichigo learned how to use a bankai, that is a higher level of his zanpakutou; that is the last sword you mention.

    The change to the bankai also increase the power of the sword and the user.

    In short, the second and third sword you mentioned are the same sword. It just changed its form. However, the first sword is completely different.

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    The zanpakuto changes as the user changes. The first one was just when Rukia made him a soul reaper. He didn't know he was leaking her spirit particles which it why it was so big. The second one, giant knife, is his own sword made from his own spirit particles. But again, he still didn't know he was leaking spirit particles--but this time his own. Because of this, it's constantly in the shikai form.

    The 3rd one is the regular sized black katana with the original swastika (yep, the 'goodness' symbol from buddhism). It is always in the bankai form. But at this point he figured he's supposed to control the particles so he's no longer leaking hence why it's normal sized. He got this after meeting Zangetsu--the spirit in the sword-and defeating him in battle. So now he 'hears' the sword and it accepts him. It levels up a bit as his clothing becomes a part of the sword too.

    The newest sword looks like the 2nd one. This is not a zanpakuto as it's made entirely from his fullbring powers. Hence why it looks so similar to his own first sword when he was a shinigami. The difference is that now he is no longer a shinigami nor has shinigami powers. But fullbring can construct their own weapons and he chose it to be something he was familiar with--a zanpakuto.

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    Shikai: The plain unreleased version of the Zanpakuto that looks like a plain Katana.

    Zanpakuto: The released form of the sword that has a unique shape.

    Bankai: Full release sword with no suppression of spirit energy.

    As stated in the official Bleach character books, Ichigo's first sword (Giant Katana) was Ichigo's Shikai.

    The size of the Shikai was a result of his raw natural reiatsu and his inability to control it.

    (A certain captain class character explains his sword would be the size of a sky scraper if he didn't suppress it. Ichigo also has a lot of wasted reiatsu, otherwise his sword would be bigger still)

    When Ichigo learnt the name of his Zanpakuto, Zangetsu, he gained access to the rare, constant release Zanpakuto which never reverts back to it's shikai form.

    Kenpachi also has a constant release, but achieved it without learning the name of his sword.

    Finally the Bankai form. (Black Katana)

    Ichigo has a unique Bankai which was referred to as a compressed form Bankai.

    Unlike other Bankai users who's released reiatsu forms gigantic physical presence, Ichigo's reiatsu is fully charged in to Ichigo and his weapon. (Explained as one of the reasons for his blinding speed and explosive strength while in Bankai)

    Those are the main forms, the others are variations or differences brought on by outside factors which I won't go in to in case you aren't that far along

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    His swird is the same just different forms. Every one of the high level warriors has a sword zhanpakto which they master and learn the abilities of. As it changed it was small then got longer but still huge and big then as he learned how to use it and got stronger it got thinner and blacker. So the size and shape only depends on how powerful the wielder and zhanpakto are at. With the blade getting thinner and darker it gets stronger and ichigo or whoever who completely masters it can talk to there sword and blend there powers together to beat anyone.

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