Can i access my ymail account wen im logged onto my yahoo account?

I have 2 accounts i know the details to 1, but forgot password to the other. Tried to reset an its saying will send to my old mobile number! Is there anyway i can log on to my yahoo an access it thru that? Cudnt see anything on the mobile version that wud let me do it.

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  • Noah
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    7 years ago
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    Hi Kathi,

    If you still have access to your previous mobile number you can use this number to reset your password. If you go through the password helper at the link below you will be presented with the option to send a verification code to that mobile number which you can use to regain access to your account.

    Password Helper

    You can also use an alternate email address or the security questions that you created for the account to regain access. To do this, however, you will have to have access to these accounts or remember your secret answers.

    If you're unable to regain access to your account using the password helper, I recommend that you contact our email support team for further assistance. Please do so at this link:

    Please submit a request on this issue by selecting Yahoo! Accounts as the product, password and sign in as the category, and unable to sign in as the subcategory.

    Note: You will need to be able to verify your account to regain access. If you don't remember your security information, we recommend that you compile a list of possible answers for the support team.

    I hope this helps you resolve this issue.

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  • Erika
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    3 years ago

    i think you're toast. you are able to digital mail shopper Care, yet as quickly as an account is long gone, it rather is long gone. i'm no longer responsive to any kit the comissioner can use that can assist you. EDIT: extraordinary, and fortunate too. best for you, that regularly does not ensue. Very sorry...

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