Do you agree that the friendly banters between the users have made the upcoming Ashes more interesting?

The two Poms (I honestly don't know what does that mean and I am not too fond of using this word either but the question is in context of Aussies, so using it here) and a few Aussie users' regular banters have made this almost dead place alive again, thanx to HDB and JB's wittiness. Aussie users like Jinxie, SbS and Ali have also been smart enough to counter attack them with other serious users like Joe and Binga giving serious answers, even to fun intended questions too. Adding to that is a staunch supporter of Australia who is funny because in an attempt to copy Aussie users' answers and support them, he sometimes ends up supporting England because

1) He doesn't understand that Aussie user he is copying is just being sarcastic and,

2) He only copies half of the sentence.

All in all, its good fun. This time I am waiting for the Ashes more eagerly than at previous years. I wish there were some genuine Pakistani users too apart from Irtaza Tau so that we could also share some light hearted moments but that's never going to happen because of obvious reasons, so let's drop the topic here.

So, are you people keenly waiting for the Ashes? Why?

PS: This question is not intended to offend anyone. So, I hope I don't get this message

"Yahoo!7 Answers * Your answer has been reported by Yahoo Answers Community"

as I got yesterday. :-)


@Ali, I am neutral atm, though slightly inclined towards Australia tbh. But once the series starts, we’ll see the fans supporting their teams. The users who are neutral today may support England at that time for any reason, like an Aussie player sledging the English for nothing or vice versa. That would be interesting. Atm, I am enjoying the banters and trying to stir it further. :-)

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  • T J
    Lv 7
    6 years ago
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    Not only we need to enjoy the banter, we need to learn that this is the original cricket rivalry and that's how leg pulling is supposed to be done.

    Seen our rivalry, reason why I could never call it the best, we don't have that culture or even the sense or sensibility to throw banter at each other in an educated manner. Here we get down to the basics & throw religious or personal muck, no mention of cricket anywhere.

    It is uplifting the atmosphere at YA for sure & we are looking forward, as this Ashes would ensure loads of dramas & leg pulling of the highest order. Good luck to both set of fans but IMO England fans know they are in the driver's seat in this edition at home..

  • Bill P
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    6 years ago

    A bit of banter is always worthwhile and I'll give the poms their due. They should win their rugby Lions tests this winter (still doesn't make up for the Aussies winning the soccer against England 3-0). On the cricket side, England to retain the Ashes drawing the series 1 all with three games rain affected.

  • 4 years ago

    a lot of times I'd get into a chatroom where one person would call what was being said a "fight" while others called it an "argument" but more of a legal argument (both sides making points). Banter to me is an in-person friendly thing. Fighting comes with anger and maybe even hurt of some kind (like libel), and, arguing in a home could be like screaming, but the other kind of arguing is the one I enjoy doing and that's both sides bringing out points to be considered as in a school debate. Yes, in a way, the place one lives (on or off the net) has an impact on how the different ways of discussing and chatting are perceived.

  • I think good friendly banter is what is keeping this section interesting.The serious Question and answer which are structured although serves the purpose of this section well makes it sometimes boring.I enjoy reading most of the post from both ends,in this case as am a neutral I decide to stay neutral and support good Cricket.At the end of the day am hoping that Ashes lives up to its billing from both sides.

    We used to have lots of good Pakistani users in this section in the past like Arsalan,Rehman Bhai,Saad,Ahsan,T20 etc etc but due to the t****s and their busy life they are not coming here.We used to have great topic discussions here in the past

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  • Thats right , meanwhile some of our side's supporters take cricketing criticism too personally so as TJ said its kinda very hard to keep discussions from taking ugly turn.

    England will win the Ashes , because this Aussie team is really very average compared to their early 2000s side.

  • 6 years ago

    I had noticed that the Poms are getting a bit lippy. It gives them something else apart from the weather to complain about.

    POMs: I've heard two versions (i) Prisoners of Her Majesty (from the old transportation days); (ii) Pom short for pomegranate that the English sailors ate to prevent scurvy (same reason the yanks call them Limey's). Don't know which one, if either is correct. It's not an offensive term, and is often used between Australian and English mates.

  • Indeed it has. The business has picked up. I was never excited for Ashes like this before. But now thanks to JB, YH, HDB, JBW, SBS, BNG, JX, BP and JH, their friendly rivalry prompted me to buy in to it. Like I said before they have set a great example for us subcontinent fans....

    It's fun to see them going back in forth and yet appreciate each others sense or humor and sarcasm by giving them TUs and at the end of the day have a good laugh and few beers you know...regardless who won or who lost!

    I am an English supporter....

  • 6 years ago

    I am not at all interested in the Ashes. I think Australia will be defeated easily by the England team.

  • Evan
    Lv 6
    6 years ago

    Yes, this is a recent trend...rarely saw it in d past......then, it's all MBTM / Kerr with Nalkafaitly chipping in with his contributions.....may be hyping the ashes.....the Aussies seem to be more restrained where as it's a no holds bar for the poms (Prisoners of Her Majesty), but it's all in fact I enjoy reading the two Brits......

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    RSRD, I suggest you pick a side and join in on the banter. The poms could use a lot of help.

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