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Mongolia in your opinion?

Just wondering.

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    I think Mongolia is a great country.

    The nomadic culture, landscape and history are amazing.

    Nomadic culture:

    It's amazing how they can live in the vast plains, herding their animals, making a living, surviving the cold nights in a yurt.

    It's is a unique culture. Very interesting to learn from.

    The landscape is fabulous. Endless green plains, tall dark mountains, hot sunny desserts.

    The thing is that pollution and mining are destroying this beautiful land.

    Though Mongolian is a land filled with beauty and gold, the mining companies(such as Oyutolgoi) are using it improperly. This is causing many rivers to dry out.

    Mongolia recovered very well from the communist regime. It was heavily under the Russian influence and only in the breakout in the communist regime in Europe did the Mongolians lead a multiparty system.

    It is a large and sparsely populated land(most of the population in Ulaanbaatar/Ulan Bator).

    The capital is a beautiful city and would almost be perfect if it weren't for the air pollution.

    Another problem is poverty. The nation is filled with geniuses but they don't have many chances at life.

    Mongolia is a land filled with unique cultures, rich history and fantastic landscape. But like all nations, it has had a fall and rise.

    Source(s): Living in Mongolia to find out about its history was a great decision. I might have made some grammar mistakes since English isn't my first language.
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    Mongolia is a beautiful place to visit. It’s sad how many people miss out to visit Mongolia and get to experience a simple and authentic way of life that has survived for thousands of years.

    Staying with a nomadic family, learning to milk the animals and make fresh dairy products, eating traditional nomadic food is one of the highlights of a visit to Mongolia. I’ve recently found an awesome article and I’m sure after reading it, everyone will wish to visit this magnificent country

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    We don't hear much about the people from Mongolia. I have never heard any negative reports about the people. But, We don't hear about anything positive, either. So, I think Mongolia is somewhat of a mystery.

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    It's a nice country, but most people mostly know about Mongolian Empire, and not much about the modern country.

    Source(s): saing baina uu?
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    I think it's the second coldest country in the world, or third... I just think though, it's what I read. Could be wrong.

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    It's a great country fill with great people

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    Which are you talking about; The people or the b crack mark?

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