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My husband got another woman pregnant!?

My husband got another woman pregnant. Would it be selfish of me to make him choose? We don't have any kids so its fine if he chooses the kid over me. I just don't want anything to do with it

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  • Truth
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    choose.....WTF!!! sound like he has made his choice .. sorry but when a person goes out of there marriage and get some one else pregnant or gets pregnant they all can't win. I say let him go..find you some one that can be true to you and not be ******* around. you can bet this is not the first time he has cheated ..if so he has shitty luck and get some one pregnant on the first try .. you can do better him the door or always look over your shoulder for the next time he does it and worry yourself sick every time you don;t know where he is at..

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    Leave him!!! are you nuts?? you can have a clean break. my ex husband cheated on me several times and we have a kid together. It's true that cheaters never stop. He has a woman in his house and still tries to come slither next to me. I told him that I am going to tell his girlfriend. He said "so, she will be gone and i will get someone else." He might not be as bad. You have no baggage keep it moving. The hurt will disappear over time.

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    Everyone jumped to the conclusion that he cheated. If this is the case then i agree with their answers. If not, whether this is a polygamous relatioinship or just an open one, I don't think it is selfish of you to ask him to choose. Once a child is involved, many decisions and sacrafices in the realationship will have to be based on that child. Since it is not yours, it is your choice to decide whether you want it to impact your life as well. However, if this is an open or polygamous relationship, if you truly love your husband you will accept his child as well.

    Best of luck!

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  • 7 years ago

    Divorce him.. It's a strong sense of reality, but you must go through with this. He obviously didn't Love you enough to not have an affair.. He also didn't think enough of you as a person to do such an unspeakable thing. File immediately.. You can seek more information at your local Courthouse! I wish you the best!

  • kiss4u
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    Denise, If you don't have any children if I was you I would leave him. Most cheater do not marry whom they cheat with. Also they never stop cheating. OK you love him stick around and have a few children of your own and put up with all the women and children he is going to have while you are married to him. You decide. Have a clean break up or wait until you can't leave at all.

  • Liz
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    7 years ago

    Why give him the choice? Why not make a choice for yourself? Clearly your so-called husband is a cheater, so why would you choose to keep a cheater in your life?

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    your husband cheated and impregnated another women tell him your filing for divorce immediately also half of the possessions will be divided between you and him including your home.

    he cheated on you and i have a feeling he will end up cheating on her to, do not stay with him once a cheater always cheater protect yourself from communal diseases and get tested as soon as possible.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Hi, I agree with Erin. "D to the I to the V to the O to the R to the C to the E. Divorce." You need to divorce him. I have a feeling he still loves you. He deserves top be divorced. You will be happy without him. I hope this helped. :)

  • Maria
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    7 years ago

    If he picks you, congratulations you just married 2 more people the kid & the *****... Leave his *** if not you will deal with those 3 for the rest of your life.

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