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Confederate one dollar bill question?

I have a confederate one dollar bill that I can't seem to find pictures of anywhere. It has the picture of a girl with a weird hat on both sides. It says Richmond and it was made in feb. 17 1864

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    There's a pretty good chance it's a copy (in fact, there are more fake Confederate notes than real ones).

    If the serial number is one of the following, it's one of the better known copies:

    3691,32984, 42507, 76280, 82129, 82283, 83383, 85087 [may look like 83087], 89983

    If the serial number isn't one of those, it may still be a fake--just not a better known example. In that case, your best bet would be to go to a local coin dealer and have him or her take a look at it (make it clear you're not looking to sell--just to see if it's authentic

    Source(s): List of serial numbers from
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