LGBT: What is your opinion of "Gun Responsibility" in America?……

As a lot of people put it, you have the Freedom of Speech to answer however you please; long as you give an actual answer to my actual question. With the building amount of proof that "Gun Responsibility" is needed, what is your opinion of "Gun Responsibility" in America? From these Remembrance articles of School Shootings in America, there has been a shooting taken place around America since last Monday articles have been trending on Yahoo! since last Monday. Of course that's more then a week of articles, so I'm not going to paste them all here; but the question remains What is Your Opinion given to you by the Freedom Of Speech long as you can defend it of "Gun Responsibility" in America?

Also what do you think about the "Gun Responsibility" Vs Mental Illness Care argument?

Yes Explosives/Knives are still out there even with "Gun Responsibility" but the rates of Explosive use and Knife use in multiple deaths is very low compared to Gun related shootings taking place in America.

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  • 7 years ago
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    It's a lot like "jumbo shrimp."

    There are some responsible gun owners, sure... my sister and brother-in-law live in the country and there are coyotes that have killed neighboring dogs; a gunshot will frighten them off, so when my sister walks -- alone -- with her dogs, she goes armed. Given the rampant homophobia in some areas, if I were still living in the US, I'd have bought a gun by now, for defensive purposes only.

    But the NRA is a bunch of right-wing whack-jobs almost fully funded by the munitions industry, and the white supremacists actively seek civil war. So America badly needs gun controls.

  • 7 years ago

    I own guns but I live out in the country/swamp area and hunt sometimes. I think we should have the freedom to own a gun if we want but I think the NRA is slightly insane. I'm all for back ground checks and if someone shows they are not a responsible person (misdemeanors, arrest records for dangerous activity, psychological evaluations, etc) they have lost their right to be considered a "responsible gun owner".

    I know it's a sticky subject and I try to stay out of it. I think everyone has a right to protect themselves and their property but what's the harm in just registering as a gun owner or having a background check done? I've never had a problem with it. You want a violent weapon, you submit a bit of info about yourself. Done deal.

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