Small Brian May Show Meetings?

Does anyone know if Brian May (Queen guitarist) is cool about meeting fans? I found out that he is playing a small show nearby tomorrow night, and I'm going. I hope, as with any small show, that I'll be able to meet him and get an autograph (on a Night At The Opera album). I haven't seen anything about someone meeting him at one of these shows, or how he is with fans. Anybody have any stories or know how nice he is to fans seeking autographs? Thanks.

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    Mr Brian May is a very nice person.I had the privilege of getting an autograph of of him once(86 live at wembley).I met him back stage and he gave an autograph and a picture with him and the rest of "queen" freddie,john,roger.The 4 of them were very pleasant and seemed rather eager to sign autographs for their fans.

    As for present day I would assume that Brian will still be pleased to meet and sign autographs for his fans.

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