Poll: PS4 or XBOX One?

I chose PS4. XBOX One, to me went downhill. What do you think?

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  • SteveO
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    7 years ago
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    I ordered the Xbox One, because down the road it will be better than the PS4 in many ways. Microsoft designed a console for future trends in entertainment and gaming, and responded by designing a console with features that Xbox 360 gamers actually did want.

    EDIT: @macl64 Last I checked, you can indeed play games on the Xbox One even if you decide not to use the other media features built-in to it at the request of Xbox 360 users. And the "down the road" projection...yeah, I'm sorry to say that you do have to look down the road in to the future. Maybe you haven't been paying attention, but Sony actually allows for the exact same DRM controls that Microsoft gave to publishers when it comes to used games. I'm sorry that you are unable to see 5 years down the road looking at this from a business standpoint to see that this all positively impacts the Xbox brand in many ways. Every real complaint against the Xbox One is also not factual, but misinterpreted because people believe everything rather than reading what the features actually mean for gamers. This "convoluted" idea that the Xbox One is going to be amazing isn't because I'm a fanboy...it's because I have enough sense to think for myself instead of following the hive mind that "gamers" think with. If you honestly think Sony will treat you any better than Microsoft, wait until they start taking out features that were promised like they did with the PS3 while Microsoft adds features and relaxes some of the controls once they figure out the best approach to do so. Sony could also care less about you as a gamer...they just want your money, and more of it by any means possible. The Xbox One is going to be an amazing console, for the exact same reasons the Xbox 360 is; to be honest, the experience between both consoles won't be too different since you can still buy used games and share a game license with up to 10 friends, and play games without the disc in the tray. As far as the Windows 8 functionality, perhaps you haven't used Windows 8, but switching apps is extremely fast and painless on Windows 8 where the app state is suspended waiting for you to resume it...so bringing that kind of multitasking to the Xbox One only means you can load up and switch between games faster, and if that doesn't positively impact the gaming experience, then I don't know what does. Xbox One will win, if not purely because the digital game distribution model they have will actually mean cheaper games, much like Steam. There's a reason why Steam is so popular, and it's because that model of distribution works (and it's exactly where the gaming industry is headed, believe it or not), and Microsoft jumped right on and built it right in to the Xbox One. Also, anyone complaining about the look of XB1, the PS4 has a very similar design...I don't understand how the PS4 somehow looks better to be completely honest, at least not from a design standpoint.

  • 7 years ago

    PS4 without hesitation, some people seem to have this convoluted idea that Xbox one has the potential to be 'amazing' and in the future it will be an essential item for this so called full entertainment system; I am not sure about you, but I am a gamer, hence I want to play games, I don't care if you can do two things at once on the Xbox that has no impact on gaming what so ever. They seem to be advocating things such as Skype when I have a laptop and PC to do that with. Microsoft are turning a console into a Windows 8 functioning system in principle which has no effect on the way a gamer wants to play, thus PS4 is the better option as it provides features that positively impact our game experience.

    and to SteveO: thanks for that pointless and generic answer which is hypothetical rather than realistic, 'down the road' 'future', you mention possibilities that aren't factual deeming them irrelevant.

    It is very clear from the responses that the favor PS4, two years ago I probably would have backed up Xbox but not anymore.

    Xbox one can be summarized with this phrase: A failed attempt at being extravagant

  • 7 years ago

    From what I have heard that PS4 is better in the long run. Xbox one apparently states that you CANNOT share or buy used games, otherwise you will be fined. I have also heard that the monitor on the Xbox One must remain on at all times which may feel a little creepy thinking that microsoft may spy on you, which does not mean they will. But I think you are making a good decision sticking to PS4.

  • 7 years ago

    @Mitch PS4 online won't be free. Try doing some research instead of being a lemming.

    someone also said that ps4 will have some used game fee going on as well, but I haven't researched it yet, so it can be complete BS.

    Keep in mind the used game fee.....microsoft gets none of it. The fee is optional by the "game" publishers and they're the ones that collect the fee....not microsoft. As someone else stated microsoft is thinking long-term. Microsoft looks like a "hero" to the game publishers for giving them the option to do this, since they lose millions due to used games sales, which is why they will likely get more exclusives than PS. Take Final Fantasy, for example, which "used" to be a PS exclusive....not anymore with Final Fantasy 15.

    Microsoft was stupid the way they "forced" the media aspects and additional features upon everyone "in my opinion". I personally don't give a crap about that stuff. They should have charged $400 and given the option to have that stuff added on for $100 more.

    Thanks to their poor presentation of everything I'll just be waiting for them to lower the price after their sales turn to crap after launch and buy it then.

    I also wish they did a better job on the apperance of the xbox one console. Looks like xbox 360 banged a trashcan. lol

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  • godde
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    3 years ago

    PS4, by way of fact they did no longer make the errors of attempting to shove bull crap in our face on the initiating like xbox did with all the regulations. and additionally by way of fact xbox in simple terms now realizes this and is like "....Oh,...we sorta screwed up" And it is coming from a extensive Xbox fan. the two way laptop gaming will continuously be greater suitable, yet I'mma get a PS4, forget approximately Microsoft and their greediness.

  • 7 years ago

    Reasons why not to get an Xbox One:

    Requires an internet connection at least once per day

    100$ more than ps4

    Kinnect Camera required

    Won't be able to buy used games or borrow from friends because of disk code

  • 3 years ago

    Ps4 without hesitation

  • 7 years ago

    I've preorded the Xbox one, but in no way am I overly confident about this system. The PS4 should perform slightly better. I chose the One due to the lack of Sony's game market. I'd rather be able to enjoy my favorite games with consistency rather than await for every call of duty game to be released.

  • 7 years ago

    No ******* doubt that I'll get the ps4. The Xbox one will suckkkk. And Im an Xbox person. Never even played a ps3.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    SteveO is talking a lot of bs based on subjective opinion. If he's gagging for exclusives Sony has better first party developers . M$ pull out moneyhat, shoving their exclusives at launch but midway it's lifespan the number of exclusives and 2nd party support go downhill just like its predecessors did.Its best to stick with sony for the long term.The ps4 outperforms its competitor in hardware and server, and no thats not just not me talking, this is coming from various sources who have made comparisons. Once gaika is installed players will have access to a library of games spanning from ps1-ps3. After m$ caved in to pressure out of desperation, its lost respect and consumer confidence after wasting so much of their resource on the DRM.Those who have made a console switch a majority of them will not jump back after mattrick's smug response to the "alway online" complain.

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