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What happened to Zach Galifianakis?

Ok. Most people will say Zach became popular because of his role in the movie the hangover. However, I remember him from the movie "Out Cold". in out cold he was a normal but funny guy who was just drunk alot and tried to get laid. Now has he just continued to grow more and more into the quirky idiot today that everyone enjoys or is it just that out cold was the only movie that he was somewhat normal.

What the heck happened to you Zach?

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    The roll that Zach played in the Hangover movies started off as a little odd, that's how he was supposed to be shown to the audience. However, I do think that his personality crosses over into his never movies. I'm not sure if anything actually happened to him, or if he just became weird on his own. You can never really know

    Hope this helps!

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