Recipes to feed the fam on such a tight budget?

So, while at college I learned to eat very vegan mostly because of the health benefits (and for a little animal love). But I also was able to spend a LOT less because I was buying more local produce and eating mostly veggies etc etc.

So, when I came home for the summer, my family (me, mom, step dad, two younger cousins 5 and 7) is going through some SERIOUS financial stress. Using my shopping and cooking habits from college, I was able to cut the grocery bill by 50 bucks! But I want to be sure everyone gets plenty of nutrients and variety. I am still kind of new with the concept of where to get vitamins from. (Example: I have an iron deficiency and I replaced meat with TONS of spinach and it works)

Recipe example: I replaced oatmeal with different kinds of rice mixed with berries and I make lots of veggie gumbos (they are filling and feed for days)

Wow I typed too much. Long story short. Recipes please? They don't HAVE to be vegan or vegetarian. It's just that veggies last longer in our house

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  • 7 years ago
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    First of all, oatmeal is WAY better for you than rice, so please do not replace. Oats are dirt cheap so I don't even know why you would do that and oats have more nutrients than rice, more protein and fiber. Cheap nutritious meals (I'm a poor vegetarian bodybuilder, so I know).

    Option 1-

    Beans and rice

    green beans

    H20- always free!! Use Brita

    Option 2-

    Spaghetti with black bean sauce

    side salad


    Option 3-

    Oats mixed with berries and nuts



    Option 4-

    Bean burritos

    baked tortilla with salsa


    Option 5-

    Pasta and peas

    potato salad with scallions


    Option 6-

    Veggie fried rice

    spring rolls


    Option 7-

    Baked spaghetti

    caesar salad


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