(Again): Suggest More New Age Scriptures for My Collection. (READ MORE BELOW)?

I have Oahspe, A Course in Miracles, The Urantia Book, The Book of Mormon + Doctrine & Covenants + Pearl of Great Price (in one book), Joseph Smith Begins His Work (reproduction of 1830 BoM and D&C), The Gospel of Our Mother God, The Sacred Myths and Rites of the Madrians, The Filianic Scriptures, and recently I received The Complete Poetry and Prose of William Blake (containing his so-called "prophetic books" and other expressions of his personal mythopoeia).

(OH! I also have The Feminine Universe: An Exposition of the Ancient Wisdom from the Primordial Feminine Perspective, from the Aristasians, but that 'might' not count.)*

What other books would you suggest I add to my library, 1700s to Today, which would count as Scripture or sacred texts? And I mean "books", not just texts available for reading on the internet. Any new religious books written 18th century onward I consider New Age.

What would fit in with my collection of so far nine books?

*(Ten if you count The Feminine Universe)


Let it be notes that people like [JoeP222] are idiots. New Age is bull, and the books I mentioned are not holy, yet he entirely missed the point, being the dumbfounded one he is. I look at all the books I mentioned as fiction, nothing more. Book of Mormon? Give me a break, totally not authentic from God, but again that is not the point of my collection. H also described the books I listed as not Scripture, but he didn't know what I meant. I mean something that claims to be a new holy text, or whatever, in this modern day.

Please do not be an idiot like [JoeP222] .

Update 2:

Thank you [phrog], I will look up the Celestial Prophecy I think it was you were referring to. Some of the others you brought up though, Baghava Gita, Native America stuff, not in the New Age time period, 1700s Onward to Today.

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    The only important one, is the one you will live.

    This probably doesn't fit your criteria, but I like

    "The World's Religions" by Huston Smith.

    Two More for you are "Science and Health" by

    Mary Baker Eddy. "Phenomenon of Man" by

    Teilhard de Chardin was nominated by Dr Marcus Bach.

    Autobiography of a Yoga started a rather large following.

    In the 20s or 30s a guy named Frank B. Robinson in Moscow,

    Idaho started a mail order religion called Psychiana. It became

    about the fifth or sixth largest religion in number of subscribers

    in the USA at the time. he advertised in all the pulp magazines

    of the day: "I talked with God, Yes I Did"

    University of Idaho had an extensive section on him, online.

    I don't know if he wrote a book or not, but he sometimes worked with

    Ernest Holmes, who authored, "The Science of Mind"

  • phrog
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    I also enjoyed the native American views on the 13 original clan mothers, zacharia stitchen's books (although most of his theory is included in the first book there is some little expansion of ideas that comes in the others), a course in miracles, the celestial something or other, heaven and hell and the genesis (spiritualism), .....based on clarifying older writings but with a new 'twist' I like the nag hammadi, lots on the mayans, some of the ba'hai info, bagavad gita, the avesta collection....

    it's all good.

    edit: that's it...the celestial prophecies. if you find interest in the NA stuff - the 13 original clan mothers was a good read, and so was animalspeak and some book w/a redhead on the cover on vision quests...have fun!

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    None of the books you mention are scripture nor are they holy, they are an abomination.

    New Age belief is the slow easy descent into Hell.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    The God Delusion. ...you're welcome.

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