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Why do today's game sequels suck?

Seriously, most sequels from classic games turn out to be bad games. Here are two examples of great games that changed.

Halo 1: Had one of the best campaigns in gaming. The story was dark and spooky. Sure there weren't as many enemies as the sequels, but this only added to the darker atmosphere of the game. For instance, many times you are wondering alone in a deserted island or in a jungle (only listening to the ocean or wind) and all of a sudden enemies engage you in combat. There's also more blood and gore in halo 1 as opposed to Halo 4 which has a miserable campaign. When you shoot a covenant with plasma pistol in Halo 1, the aliens spill tons blood and in the sequels you hardly see any. It's as if the sequel Halo games were aimed for kids.

Fable 1: This game was awesome. It also had a dark storyline and the intro was epic. Basically your village gets raided by bandits who slaughter almost everyone, and you are left to avenge them. The vivid and different environments reminds me of the Dark Ages or the Renaissance. There's also more blood and gore in this could even behead people and see their blood fly out. Fable 3 is a joke. They added humor and goofy characters that destroy what the Fable franchise used to be.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago
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    Short answer: It's all about money and cashing in on something that's proven to be successful. Not about content. Sad but true.

    2014 seems to be turning around though, at least I hope.

    Long answer: Old games will always be better than new games for the simple reason you played them during your younger years. A since of nostalgia overtakes you and builds up older games to a level newer sequels can't even approach despite having just as much creative merit. Case in point how many fans feel about Pokemon X and Y.

    True these two answers contradict each other...but they both hold true in certain cases.

  • 8 years ago

    Because they don't spend as much time on the sequels.

    "Oh, this game made a crap ton of money and it took us 5 years to make!"

    "Really? Well, lets crank out another game in a year to cash in on that success!"

    "Hey, why isn't the new game doing as well as the old one did? It has the same name, just with a 2 added to it!"

    And that's pretty much how it goes. It's pretty rare to find a game company that puts as much effort into a sequel as it did the original. The original made a splash, and they figure the sequel will sell because the original established the franchise.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Everyone is a hippocrit I would be judged if I say it gets old by been there done that or because they add new things which fans learned to hate

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