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Why doesn't the android phones have the Helium Video Booth app in their app store?

I have the Samsung Galaxy s3 and I seen people record videos with a chipmunk voice app called Helium Video Booth. I see that the Iphone have the app but we don't. I really want that app is there a way to request it for it to come to androids or does anyone know when they be make for the androids. They always make apps for iPhone and never androids that's not fair, Android phones are good as iPhone. iPhone always gets the apps first, just why can't we get them at the same time or at least a week later. But anyway, how could I get that app. Thank you :)

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    It's up to the developer whether or not the app comes to Android phones. The reason iPhones get it first it's seen as easier to develop for plus a larger audience runs the same OS Version (ie IOS 4, 5, 6) whereas Android phones run on many more different, supported, versions of android (2.3.3 3.1 4.0 4.1 4.2), , but it varies in preference from Dev to Dev.

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    Helium Voice App

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    Apps are always released on iphone first, and updates always go to iphone first (this is because iphone apps make far more money then any other platform, and people also use iphones far more minutes per day then other platforms).

    Its also common to find the same apps on both platforms, and then realize the android version is far outdated. Seen this multiples times now.

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    Helium Booth

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    Try to look up Helium Video Booth.apk on google on your phone. If it shows up than just download it, and the app should work just like the one on the iPhone.

    Just be careful that you aren't downloading a virus

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