Get computer with or with or without ssd?

I am looking to buy a lenovo laptop for school. I found an affordable model that has everything I need and more. However, one model comes with 1 terabyte of HDD and the other comes with 1 terabyte HDD + 24 gig SSD. 1 terabyte seems like it is more than enough for me though. What advantages will the option with the 24 SSD hold and is it worth an extra $70? Thanks

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  • 7 years ago
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    id say it was worth it... usually when a computer comes with an hdd and ssd, the operating system is installed on the ssd, which helps keep it safer from corruption, and doesnt use up your hdd, if it was me, i would, but its all on what you want

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  • Arnak
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    7 years ago


    The main advantage of an SSD is to hold your operating system only.

    This enables faster boot times.

    At the present time ssd's have a limited life span, I believe about 3 years but don't quote me on that.8-))

    Have a look here for more info :-,2817,2404260,


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