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Tropical terrain for leopard geckos?

I KNOW. Leopard geckos are from very arid and dry places. I know their origins and basic care. But some of the morphs of leopard geckos are so bright and colorful it looks like they are almost from a tropical terrain. So I was wondering if it would be okay to set one up like that, with fake tropical plants an a background and a sort of darkish brown tile. But adding no humidity other than their humid hide, it would still be dry for them. I wouldn't change the temps either.. Just having them in a tropical looking set up. for example a jungle or other brightly coloredleopard gecko.

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    That's definitely ok. My leopard gecko tank is semi-tropical, with large floor tiles instead of any substrate, like sand - because the geckos can eat it, and a lot isn't good.

    As long as temperatures and moisture levels are the same it'll be fine. Just provide lots of hides!

    And remember, nothing can be worst then something like this...

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