What's a radial field in a generator?

I've been learning about magnetic fields and electricity and motoring and generating, but I don't know what a radial field is and why having one makes a difference to the current output or the speed at which the motor rotates - help!

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    7 years ago
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    Hi Daisy

    Most motors/generators are essentially circular in cross section and the armature (rotating part) has coils which spin within the field created by the field coils. The maximum force/current will be when the conductors are at right angles to the field. Thus the best field to use is one where the lines of flux run along the radii of the circular cross section. As the armature coils rotate they are nearly always at right angles to the strongest part of the field. In a motor this maintains a fairly even torque, or in a generator it will induce a fairly fixed current.

    See the website below, about 3/4 way down there's a diagram showing the radial field between the red N & blue S poles, and the output torque of the motor.

    Hope this helps!


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