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Should I volunteer in Ghana or Senegal?

It has always been my dream to volunteer in Africa. Next summer, I am going with a teen program to an African country of my choosing. I have narrowed my options down to either Ghana or Senegal, but I'm not sure which country I would like to go to! I want to go to Senegal because I am studying French, but I'm not sure if Senegal has the true African culture (I hear it is very modern). Ghana, on the other hand, I know has many school and orphanages in dire need of assistance, and they speak English there. I know very little about either country... can anyone assist me in my descision!

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    Senegal has plenty of great "true" african culture, it has a good tourist base though as does Ghana, both are popular destinations because of culture, beautiful beaches, cheap prices etc. and great food ( senegal especially)

    parts of senegal are modern , like Dakar, and over touristy like st. louis but you can find plenty of people who are tied to the land, and leading traditional way of life, farming, working in textile, playing the djembe ( african drum) Senegal is a muslim nation, although not the same as being in say Saudi Arabia or Egypt, some people are strict adherents, such as in Touba where the Mouride brotherhood is based, and some are more secular. yes French will be of great help there, so will Wolof, the language most people speak in everyday situations there.

    There are plenty of oppurtunities also to help people there, but Senegal is still a poor country.

    same can be said for Ghana, quite well developed in many areas. they do speak English but ull find its not your standard American English, also the Twi /Akan language will be very helpful. The fanti/ewe/ ga cultures are pretty interesting. I think you should do some reading up on both countries, try to follow some peace corps blogs for instance and you can glean so much information about which country may be for you. good luck

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    Hi Jessica

    Ghana is the best option for you to work in public school or orphanages. You can teach English and educate them. can help you to book your volunteer spot in desired volunteer project.


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