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Could my girlfriend be pregnant?

okay so my girlfriend last period was May 5th, the last time me and my gf had sex was about 2/3 weeks ago(it was unprotected and i pulled out one time and i think i came in her , and her period still havent came on , she said she took a test and it came out negative, she also went to the doctors and the also said negative, but she still havent had a period shes like super late. and every time i call her shes complains she sleepy and has a headach or stomach-ach, shes always arguing with me and having crazy mood swings... shes denying the fact that she think shes pregnant, but deep down inside i think she still is... im 19 an shes 17.... im so confused... can you help me?

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    well there is about 2 weeks of her being late. Im guessing yes she might. And if you knew you came on her why would you not get her the pill? Well dude you say she is late and you came on her. So yah there is a chance for sure...go to the doctor/planned parenthood..i dont wanna go through this anytime soon lol. And hopefully she is just stressed out and that be the reason she is late

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    Was it her first time? If it was, your period will skip a month. The symptoms could be signs that she is about to get her period and they could also be symptoms of a pregnancy. Sometimes the tests won't show if she is right away, tell her to take the test again in a week or two and see if it is positive this time or if she gets her period. It could be a false alarm.

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    Well if the doctors said negative then its an absolute no but as of now I suggest you pray. PRAY. and hope that she's not because I doubt you can afford child support. Next time be more responsible, my god!

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    someone is gonna spend time in jail ....

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