Are John Green books recommended?

I went on to tumblr and saw a lot of people saint that The Fault in our Stars, paper town are really good. But will TFIOS boring? Cos i heard that it has sad things and I don't wanna read sad stories!! :'(( will I regret if I read it?

Btw what exactly is TFOIS and paper town abt? And any recommendation abt good books like perks of being a wallflower? :)

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    TFIOS is not boring, but it definitely is a cryer (or maybe that's just me, I do get emotional about a lot of things, haha). I read "Looking for Alaska" and found that it was so wonderfully written that I went on to read TFIOS. John Green really makes you feel connected to the main character if you're a teen - his writing style is just refreshing.

    I haven't read Paper Towns but TFIOS is (like the person above says) a girl who has cancer who meets a boy (who I think every reader is smitten over, including John Green himself) who also has cancer. It does sound a little depressing but it's about their happy times together. It's only towards the end that it's a bit sad.

    I've read Perks as well and found that really good. It may not directly be what you're after but the Divergent series by Veronica Roth I love, but that's more adventure-y yet still with the romance element in there. Oh and also this website is super cool if you don't know what to read next:

    Hope I helped :-)

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    Alright, well I suggest you read Paper Towns first because, not only did he write that one first, but countering the norm, I actually like that one quite a bit better than TFIOS. Paper Towns is narrated by a guy, it's about his friendship with a girl named Margo and I really can't say a whole lot more without giving elements of the plot away, but it deals with perceptions of people and really seeing people for who they are and all that jazz. TFIOS is a WONDERFUL book as well, and yes, it is sad, it did make me cry, and I am definitely not a cryer. HOWEVER, I know you don't wanna read sad stories, but this novel is about a lot more than just sad things happening. It's a beautifully written, funny, truthful tale about a girl with cancer. "Girl with cancer" sounds super depressing, but it's about a lot more than that. I urge you to read both. :D

    [Also, his first novel, Looking For Alaska was nominated for the Printz Prize. Great book as well!]

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