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got a loader job in abu dhabi airport.?

thanks for ur answer. really true. Company adas says only load and unload luggages in the planes or the vehicles. will it be hard out there as ive heard the temperature out there reaches above 50 degrees. reply please.

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    Working outside may not feel that comfortable during the summer months but you are not the only one working outside. Most people have more diffifulties to deal with the high humidity than the heat. You will get used to it:)

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  • WOrD
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    The high temps are mainly in summer months , reaching 50 is very rare , mostly it will hover around 45 in the sun of course , it will be less in shaded areas . And air-conditioning is provided everywhere.

    You can also change your shift to night time , when airports get busier than day hours.


    'if there is "no sea breeze" then how do you explain the humidity in summer . The humidity actually makes it feel hotter than what the thermometer shows. If you want "sea breeze" then pick a location next to sea shore when the wind conditions are ideal for that.

    I lived in UAE all my life and I've never seen anything higher than 47 , and in most of the year it is in the 30's C normally. Some Indian workers here even told me they think UAE is cold in winter compared to their home towns , this was when temps dropped to 10~20 in February. This is actually true considering in tropical areas temperatures don't drop like that, but in desert it does sometimes in winter season.

  • Nazia
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    It is still manageable if you are used to heat in India. Truth to be told - the heat is on a different level altogether in UAE. 42/43 temp in normal days plus hot air no sea breeze. Near 50 C during summer. It is all about your will power but you still can make it after all most workers from subcontinent are building supertall buildings like in the open in Dubai/Abu Dhabi. You have to go there and experience it.

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    It will be difficult of course but do not worry. Your colleagues will show you tips to bear this and you will get used to it. Congratulations for your new job.

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