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求英文翻譯,感謝 !

請協助翻譯下列六段英文,謝謝 !

1.An attestation stating that the applicant will submit a plan for consultation, emergency transfer and referral prior to practicing.

2.Have at least a bachelor’s or master’s degree in East Asian medicine or acupuncture from an institution of higher learning which is approved by the foreign country’s ministry of education/health, or other governmental entity.

3.Have graduated from a program of East Asian medicine or acupuncture education with requirements substantially equal to those required of graduates of secretary-approved programs.

4.The department recognizes the CRAAOO for a credentialing evaluation report. Have the report sent directly to the department Submit transcripts, fees, and other documentation to a department approved credentialing service and they will send directly to the department.

5.Must have a complete listing of professional education and experience including college or university and a complete chronology of practice history from the date of East Asian medicine (acupuncture) school graduation to present, whether or not engaged in activities related to East Asian medicine.

6.Applicant lists all states where credentials are or were held , including where applicant has applied but a credential was not granted . A verification form must be completed and submitted by the jurisdiction where the applicant is or was credentialed. Applicant sends form to jurisdiction for completion. The jurisdiction sends completed form directly to the department.



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