what to bring on a camping trip?

I am a police explorer and we are having a camping trip (4 days 3 nights). They are bringing the food and shelter, I have never gone camping before so i know very little of what to bring.


Oh I live in Arizona and there is going to be showers in walking distance.

Update 2:

1 more thing we are allowed to bring knifes and all that good stuff!

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    You have to ask, WHERE are you camping. Near a beach, deep in the forest trail, mountain, well managed accessible park?

    WHAT are you doing? Is it a family event with children? Just adults but relaxed, or "real" camping?

    CONDITIONS: Will you have water and electricity? Shower and toilet facilities? Check weather forecast.

    Go to the state park website whichever state you are camping and read the reviews and research the details.

    But for generalization: cover the essentials.

    1. Lighting - Gas/propane/battery lantern, LED headlamps.

    2. Sleeping pad/bag and pillow - $5 foam at wal-mart or self inflating pad for about $20-25. or an airbed for about $80. You need to protect your spine if you are not used to sleeping on the ground.

    3. First Aid kit, insect repellent, sun screen, citronella candles.

    4. Tools - knife, ax, mallet/hammer, small shovel, matches/lighter, multi-tool.

    5. Shelter - Ropes, Nylon, bungees. Tarps - In case it rains, most tents are not water proof.

    6. Clothing - Minimal essential clothing, they take up space quickly, but don't run out. Or just keep them in the car.

    7. Water - Plenty of drinking water, you might have to run to a store after 2 days. More if you plan to do physical activities like sports. And get some Ice while you're at the store. Extra Ice is always good.

    8. Coolers - Keep raw meats cold and separate from ready to eat food.

    9. Cooking - Propane stoves or coal and fire wood. utensils. Don't forget the propane.

    10. Hygiene - Your personal kit, Dish soap/sponges, trash bags.

    11. Cash - You never know.

    12. Toys - whatever constitute to you as a toy. Board games, cards, musical instruments, boom box, bike, hammock.

    I gave you a list not of items but conditions and what to fill them with.

    Basically, whatever you do inside, you're just doing it outside.

    Coordinate with others and try to help each other.

    Camping is about functioning as a community.

    If food and cooking are covered, it should even be easier.

    You will end up with:

    1 large camping backpack - Basic essentials

    1 medium cooler - Food/water

    1 handheld lamp.

    Be safe and Have Fun!

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    I suggest light colored polyester or nylon mesh attire and knapsack storage for same.

    Peel down to a mesh long sleeve and loose elastic waist trousers. The idea is to

    avoid sun burn, bug bite, and stay comfy. Figure to wear the outer layer four days.

    That's a nylon windbreaker and exercise pant. Below that is a fleece zip-up long

    sleeve for cool nights. Polyester sweatpants. These two can do two days. Ditto,

    the sunshine wear. You want clean briefs and summer socks every day. Bring two

    nylon bags of different colors. One holds all your clean clothing. The other color

    starts filling with the soiled. Choose one bag to contain the other. It can be a pillow.

    Pistol belt with para-military shoulder harness can carry multiple canteens, first aid,

    fanny pack of personal grooming including toilet, 25 feet of handline, 'biner, headlamp,

    a rescue flare and smoke, and the portable black light usually retailed for fingerprints

    (i.e, at night you can look for minerals that glow when black-lighted... as will scorpions

    so use the electric headlamp before you risk touching anything pretty). You are the

    most dangerous weapon so don't bother bringing a knife or pistol. A long staff can

    more safely prod holes and stones before you get too close. A nail at the upper end

    can be thrust into wildlife hide for a non-slip push. If you can play a flute, bring it.

    Bring a couple thumb-cuff's just in case. Do you feel lucky?

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    I have been camping many times and I would say to pack 1 extra for everything as far as clothing ex. 5 undergarments,5 socks, as Dara's shirts and pants I would take about 4 you will probably not be super concerned about staying perfectly clean so rehearing a shirt for a day isn't a big deal same thing goes for pants/shorts... I would take a small sprits bottle of natural insect repellent if your not showering the other name brand repellents are not good for your skin over multiple days... Obviously deodorant... I would take toothbrush, toothpaste, a small bottle of shampoo (if showers are available) and possibly floos of tips for your ears... Take a towel for washing your face.... You could take a small pocket knife/multi-tool, a water bottle.......... Now depending where you are and climate/weather... If you need a hat, sweatpants, or sweater for sleeping at night.... If it is warmer maybe just shorts and thirst. Sunglasses and if you are hiking trails you might want to purchase some hiking boots but if not an old pair of sneakers will work just fine.... You could take some trail mix and beef jerky just for snacking.... As well as take a sleeping bag ( if not already provided) and an old pillow that your not worried about getting wet, possibly take a small flashlight.... Biggest thing is only take essentials iPods, books, and other non essentials wearing clothes two days in a row no big deal but haveing to rewear dirty underwear is no fun... Enjoy yourself and don't think you have to go to the camping store and buy a bunch of gear,houslhold items should do just fine... Maybe pack a set of cards or a frisbee but other than that leave it at home.... Hope you have a good experience and hope this helps

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    BASIC: food water blankets flashlight tent sleeping bag portable light source extra clothes (long clothes is good for hiking so you won't get as many bug bites if you don't have bug spray) swimsuit if you are going to swim comb/brush toothbrush shampoo/conditioner first-aid kit towel(s) good walking shoes backpack bug spray (optional) sunscreen (creamy kind is usually better than the spray kind) OTHER USEFUL: book board games phone/walkie-talkie hat (gets hot sometimes) a few rolls of toilet paper (sometimes campsites' toilet paper isn't that good) dishes/eating utensils quarters (sometimes you have to pay for the showers with quarters) soap lotion matches pillows canteen map of the campsite rain poncho mosquito nets camping chairs (beach chairs will also work) Tip: walkie talkies are mainly used to communicate when alone. very useful for hiking or if you get lost You might also want to bring some of your own firewood because some places don't allow you to burn wood in the forest and the firewood can be very expensive. That's all I think. Hope this helps and enjoy the trip! :) Actually also, if you want: camera

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    A shît ton of toilet paper- trust me

    Sleeping pad


    Water/Gatorade for electrolytes :)




    Pocket knife



    Source(s): True boy scout
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