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How can I remove an old collection account from my credit report?

This collection account Is from a hospital bill in May 2011. It is the only bad mark on my credit report PERIOD. Shortly after that I run my own credit report through one of the free online programs and see that I have a collection account for the medical bill.When I went to the emergency room for stitches, I was apparently sent two separate bills one for the ER and one for the Gen. services or whatever they call it. I didn't even know that there was a second bill (I believe one may have been sent to the wrong address) and when I was contacted by the collection agency I wasn't even thinking when I said I would pay it. Had I known that, I would have drawn up one of those "pay-to-delete" agreements for myself before I paid the account in full.

I tried to dispute the negative collection account with the credit agencies and tried to explain my situation and how having this negative mark on my credit report doesn't accurately show my credit worthiness (which is the whole point of a credit score and credit report) But I was denied the removal of the negative mark. Therefore, I'm kind of stuck. I still have a long time until it will be automatically removed and I'm 25 years old so I really don't want this negative mark on my credit at this point in my life when I will be likely apply for financing for a home, etc. in the near future.

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    Ok first of all 1 negative account only affects your credit score slightly with time the impact of the negative information will lesson to almost no impact . If you pay the account it will hurt your credit if they do not remove it from your account especially if you make payments on it instead of paying it in full .

    If you are currently looking for a home you will be advised not to pay for any negative items in your report prior to acquiring your loan . You will however be contractually obligated to pay these debts off following closing. If you haven't received a bill for this account the way to dispute this information is to say never received a bill , no knowledge of account yo provide updated information pertaining to your contact method and agree to pay for the account at this time . As your bill has been sent to a collection agency they have within the year traded your debt 4 times most likely so they do not know whether someone has tried to contact you . You dispute with the credit bureau not the credit agency . You need to check all 3 credit bureaus and dispute with each .

    From reading your question , I am uncertain if you paid for this account or not . If you already have which is a mistake you learn the hard way , the best you can do is to dispute that the account has been paid in full it will not remove the information but it will show a balance of 0 when a creditor looks at the derogatory information they will see you have paid for this and it isn't as bad of a reflection on your creditworthiness in their eyes. However , if that makes the information in your report update to a newer date it will show as more recent negative data in the eyes of credit reporting agency and lower your score . That makes no sense and in the future it may change .

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    You can ask them to delete it. However, since you already paid it and disputed it on the CR, I doubt it. You said they had the wrong address--if you got one, but not the other, how did they have the wrong address? They send you multiple notices before going into collections. If the collection agency did something wrong that might be a reason to get it deleted.

    As it gets older, the significance is less and less. Hopefully, you have some positive credit to make it improve. You might want to wait so you can save up for a big down payment, and let the TL fall off.

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    You can't.

    The whole point of a credit report is to show whether you pay everything on time, or you don't pay everything on time. It is not to show whether the bill was sent to the right address, why you didn't pay it on time, or whatever you mean by your "worthiness". It wasn't paid on time, and the whole point of a credit report is to show that.

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    If you pay the balance, in 90 days the effect will no longer be there. Just get it in writing first and then send them a money order, no check

    Source(s): Retired bill collector 35 years
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