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Neighbours are making my life hell?

Me and my partner live in a block of flat with four apartments on each side so 8 houses in the entire block. We are in the middle and have both upstairs and downstairs neighbours. We have lived here for 2 yrs now and we love the place.

We never had any problems with our neighbours until about a month ago when we hoovered at 12am We found fleas in the flat which I don't know the heck we got them cuz our cats are indoor cats. We must have brought them in thru our clothes or something. So we gutted out the flat from 4pm until about midnight and that included washing all the clothes, changing all the bedding and hoovering. We got carried away and where we stay, in the summer it doesn't really get dark at all so we never clicked how late it was when we started hoovering. The police came to our door and they were lovely and explained downstairs called about the hoovering. I was mortified, I never even realised how late it was. When I explained the situation, they said they understood and was an easy mistake to make and went on their way.

I have had problems with noisy neighbours at my mum's house before I moved out so I know how bad it can be but this was a once off and we had learned from it and felt terrible.

Ever since then we have been extra quiet such as putting our TV/Laptops down even quieter, tip toeing around the house etc.

ALl throughout the day yesterday, you could hear banging from downstairs, like as though every 30 secs or so, someone was hitting the wall hard with their knuckle or a somewhat heavy object. During the day I watched a movie on my laptop and I could still hear the banging thru my earphones. This went on from about 11am until 2am. Last night at around 12am, we put a movie on my boyfriends laptop before going to bed. It wasn't up loud, in fact we basically bad to put it right up to our faces so we could hear it right and suddenly more banging started, this time it sounded as tho they were banging on the ceiling and the shouting and howling like a wolf started! We paused the film and the banging that sounded like what went on during the day still went on and you could hear their TV and them laughing and coughing. It sounded like there was a lot more people in there than usual and they were drinking.

My boyfriend was adamant the laptop was at a fine volume and the laptop was on the bed and facing the wall direct to the people that live next to us, not those below us and the movie was played thru the laptop speakers, not surround system speakers and there was no bass.

I have never spoke or met the neighbours for as long as we have lived here. They could walk by me on the street and I wouldn't recognize them.

The banging, shouting and laughing was awful last night but I didn't want to phone the police in case they done the same with us again even if we made no noise.

Is there any way I can make my house more soundproof or anything? Our bed is in the livingroom, so directly above their livingroom as we found dampness and mold in our bedroom and are in the process of fixing it.

Its getting to the point I dread night time now and dread putting on a movie or talking or even walking around my own flat in case they start something or phone the police. I have started suffering panic attacks again because of it.

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  • Irene
    Lv 6
    8 years ago
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    Wait for a couple weeks and see if your neighbours have any more noisy parties. If it's a one-off thing, you need to let them enjoy their home without bothering them. Unfortunate about your vacuuming, but what's done is done. See if you can make friends with a couple of other neighbours - it may not be the noisy ones who called the cops on you, so don't jump to conclusions.

    And I wouldn't take any 'cookies' over to them. They'll laugh you out the door. Don't get paranoid about your living noises - it's expected when you live in a flat. If you keep your tv and laptop so low, you will hear every noise for half a mile!

  • Storm
    Lv 6
    8 years ago

    I was going to say the same thing as Stephen.

    Take a cake/cookies or whatever down to the neighbors, say hello and make friends. Even if you just come to the point and say; Here, this is for the vacuuming the other night. We are soooo sorry! I hope this makes up for it! After an apology like that, there's not much they can say unless they want to be complete jerks.

    I had the very same thing happen on moving day. It was after midnight, it had been a very long day, we were setting up the kids beds and I wanted to vacuum real quick. I didn't realize it was as late as it was and I had no idea the next door neighbors kids were sleeping on the other side of the wall! The following day, I brought over cookies and apologized my butt off! We're now really good friends!

    You could try putting down area rugs over the carpet. The more layers the better insulation.

    Source(s): Mama always said, you get more with honey than you do with vinegar!
  • 8 years ago

    Hell? I thought you were going to say that they had loud parties every few days, played music every night till 2 am for days on end, got into screaming fights and kept you awake on a regular basis. Sounds like they might have had a party the day you heard them.

    You have had one day of unusual noise from them. I wouldn't do a thing unless it keeps happening.

    Everyone makes an unusual amount of noise from time to time. You did so yourself, one day.

    Next time you find fleas in the house, it is not necessary to clean and do laundry for 8 hours. Get some topical flea treatment from the vet and treat all your cats with it. End of problem. Any fleas that feed on the cats will die within hours and they must feed on the cats in order to live. That is what I do, with my dog and 3 cats who come and go indoors and out all day long. That takes care of it till next year, or the year after.

  • 8 years ago

    Go down there and introduce yourself bring along a cake or something be friendly and asked if they heard all of the racket going on the other night , it just might help and the next time it happens take a broom handle to the floor get their attention they'll get the hint

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